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Haddenham.net is the community website for the village of Haddenham in Buckinghamshire UK, with direct links to two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter.

The Haddenham.net Facebook page acts as an adjunct to the 'Share & Chat' facility on this website, providing a potentially more instantaneous and dynamic medium that is easily accessed via smart mobile devices.

On rare occasions, items are posted to the Facebook page with the potential to cause offence to others. This can include images as well as the written word.

It has been suggested that a Policy Statement is published to define the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable postings on the Haddenham.net Facebook page. Your website editor is very reluctant to adopt a 'heavy handed' approach and would much prefer common sense to prevail.

However, some guidelines might be helpful.

Guidelines for the Haddenham.net Facebook page

The Facebook page linked to this website serves the following primary purposes:

1. Providing rapid dissemination of news, information and notices of events in Haddenham and its very close neighbouring villages

2. Offering links to more extensive sources of news, information and events provided on the community website www.Haddenham.net and on the websites and social media platforms of other Haddenham-based organisations.

3. Providing a medium for the exchange of views and opinions in relation to issues of concern to residents of Haddenham.

The Haddenham.net Facebook page is not intended to carry:

1. Commercial advertising

2. Party political material relating to local or general elections

3. Items relating to events and activities taking place in locations outside Haddenham unless the organisers (or the majority of contributors) are Haddenham-based, or when rehearsals for such events are primarily conducted in Haddenham.

4. Specifically, the FB page will not carry items for the towns of Aylesbury and Thame, which have their own very adequate social media and other communication platforms.


The Haddenham.net Facebook page is moderated by the Haddenham.net website editor, supported by two independent Haddenham residents when necessary (e.g., during the editor's vacations).

The vast majority of postings to the Haddenham.net Facebook page are (and will be) readily published as long as they meet the above criteria.

Moderators will be not be minded to censor any opinions and views expressed, which are the legal responsibility of the initiator.

However, moderators will seek to block postings that are deemed to be:

  • defamatory
  • seditious
  • libellous
  • obscene
  • couched in highly offensive language

Images will also be blocked from publication when it is judged by moderators that the vast majority of users will perceive such images to be vulgar or highly distasteful.

Judgement Calls

The vast majority of content on the Haddenham.net Facebook page will appear directly as posted by users.

On the very rare occasions that moderators determine material to be inappropriate, a judgement call will have been made in the interests of the wider community.

This is not an exact science, and "editorial judgement" is the overriding principle at play.

Feedback on particular instances in which others disagree with the moderator's judgment will be seriously considered. In the first instance such feedback should be offered by personal message, please; or by email to: haddenham.net@hotmail.com

When appropriate, such feedback might also be debated openly on the Facebook platform.

The website editor's telephone contact is: 290244.

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