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8:54pmJowan on Parking Restrictions
  • Oh dear, I spoke too soon, as driving back from Thame yesterday I was confronted by a line of seven parked cars so really the problem has not been solved. As for moving the bus stop well!

8:20pmChalky on Parking On Thame Road
  • I'm not on Facebook (and have no desire to) but I do regularly click on the Facebook icon on this website to keep abreast of the latest parking developments.
    Agree the idiots who are now parking outside peoples homes are thoughtless, selfish and arrogant. It was inevitable and whilst Bucks CC eventually got part of their act together, they'll have to come back, at additional cost and time, to extend the yellow lines etc.
    It is likely to get more dangerous for cyclists (no bike lane on the footpaths in front of the houses and which are narrower anyhow) and those residents trying to get in/out of their drives as more numpties follow those who have already moved down.

Monday 24th Apr

6:59pmWaney Edge on Parking Restrictions
  • There wasn't a problem with speeding up to the 'speed barrier' before the selfish idiots started parking there so why do they assume there'll be a problem now? Surely drivers are more likely to speed on the other side of the road up to the roundabout? Clearly someone hasn't given this much thought at all. Now they'll have to spend even more money fixing it.

    And why was the road by the bridge not repaired before double lining? I'd hate to be a cyclist going over that.

    None of it makes sense. Bucks is too big. Is there an email address we can all use? (Sorry I'm not prepared to give my personal details to nameless and faceless individuals on facebook just so they can make even more billions).

    Editor's comment: You could try: Alistair Turk, Senior Parking Manager. Email: T-ATURK@buckscc.gov.uk
    Another senior person is Sian Thomas, Team Leader — Area Schemes Delivery. Email: sithomas@buckscc.org

4:00pmHellcat on St George's Day
  • Thanks Keith, that better explains the reasoning behind the failure to fly a flag. One wonders why a flagpole was ever located in that position, despite its use in the past, unless something else has since changed.

3:02pmHellcat on St George's Day
  • Others may equally argue (a) don't believe all you read on Wikipedia, a well-known source of misinformation, (b) the Christian church venerates many other warrior saints, including Joan of Arc, (c) the legend is a valid part of national history and psyche, just like Irish leprechauns, Scots Kelpies and the Welsh afanc, (d) nationalism is fine when it is applied to other members of the UK, (e) we're not celebrating the crusades, we're celebrating our national day, (f) fix the roof to make it safe to climb on.

    Editor's comment: I'm not looking to express an opinion, this is just for info: It's not a roof problem, which is perfectly sound. Accessing the roof requires one literally to climb over the huge bell support structure. When the bells are in the 'up' position they can be toppled over by leaning on them. Each bell weighs several tons and would kill anyone caught in their swinging action.

1:27pmMigs on Parking Restrictions
  • Why is there a gap in the new double yellow lines on Thame Road? It would seem that the job is incomplete.

    Editor's comment: There have been torrents of discussion on this matter on our Facebook page — few subject have generated such an outpouring of comments! The logic is to allow 'some' parking along Thame Road, to create temporary regions of road narrowing and so act to slow down the speed of traffic. Comments to Haddenham parish council and Transport for Bucks please.

11:28amPaul on St George's Day
  • According to "Wikipedia", St. George is a legendary figure dating from around AD 275, a Roman soldier of Greek origin, who became popular during the crusades.
    Some may argue that; a) a Christian church should not venerate a warrior. b) The legend has no particular connection to England (which didn't exist as a country at the time, the land being under foreign occupation). c) Nationalism has caused untold misery and conflict in the past and it's time we moved on. d) It is inappropriate to celebrate the crusades at this time in a multi-ethnic society. e) Risking somebody's life clambering on a high roof to celebrate a mythical figure would be absurd.

Sunday 23rd Apr

12:39pmJowan on St George's Day
  • Re the flag not flying on the Church,
    I queried this last year and was told it is too dangerous for someone to go up on the roof to do it. Health and safety yet again! I don't remember anyone being injured in the past and frankly it's time a flag pole was erected in the churchyard , which I was told would happen.
    How long is it going to take to do this?

11:29amHellcat on St George's Day
  • Why, on our national patron saint's day, is no St George's flag being flown from Haddenham church? Perhaps one of the church officials can enlighten us.

    Editor's comment: There's one flying on the church in Cuddington, part of the same Benefice

Friday 21st Apr

9:31pmJowan on Parking Restrictions
  • What a treat now to drive into the village from Thame, but where have all the cars gone?

Thursday 20th Apr

4:54pmDark horse on Haddenham Facebook page
  • Does Haddenham.net receive an income from commercial Ads on Facebook?

    Editor's comment: No. And we rarely accept commercial Ads unless there is a specific local request from third parties (e.g., providing information about the mobile fish & chip van) or if there is a local charity connection.
    The most recent one (for sports massage) sneaked in under the wire: it has now been deleted!

Monday 17th Apr

7:16pmKF77 on Village of The Year
  • Hi everyone,

    We've just read the Village of The Year article, here: http://www.haddenham.net/newsroom/how-does-haddenham-rate.html

    Do the village communities have an interest in applying? We are naturally excited about Haddenham being a contender. I'm posting here to ask if there is a planning committee established, as we're keen to get involved in helping to promote our community. If so, it would be great for us all to meet and have a chat.

    All the best,

Tuesday 11th Apr

9:47amcalltoarms on Bucks CC elections in May
  • Do we know which candidates will actively campaign against the over-development of Haddenham and fight against the proposed new town either adjacent or in Haddenham?

    If 3000 voters in Haddenham refuse to vote for any candidate who does not absolutely oppose these proposals then perhaps we might have some say in our future.

    Editor's comment: A Hustings event, organised by the Haddenham Village Society, will be held in the Haddenham Community Library on Wednesday, April 19th, commencing at 8pm. This will provide a platform for candidates to address potential voters, and respond to questions from the audience. All welcome.

Tuesday 28th Mar

6:05pmWodj on Key Found
  • Found key has now been re-united with its rightful owner!

Sunday 26th Mar

5:40pmWodj on Key Found
  • A small key with small boomerang fob attached found on Green Lane (near post office) this morning Sunday 26/3/17.
    If they are yours just give me a call on 292461

5:37pmWodj on Key Found
  • A key with distinctive boomerang fob was found on the Green Lane leading to Dinton (not far from the post office). The key was found this Sunday morning 26/3/17.
    Just give me a call on 292461 if it is yours.

Friday 24th Mar

8:45pmHae on Anyone lost a black male cat?
  • Just a thought.. http://www.thametoday.co.uk/news/have-you-seen-missing-thame-kitten-albert-a-little-boy-really-wants-him-to-come-home-1-7870129 Also "Thame Gazette" page 13.

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