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Tuesday 20th Jun

8:13pmChalky on Lions Rugby
  • Anyone know if any of the establishments in the village screening the Lions matches over the next three Saturday mornings?

5:31pmBucks Herald - Christina on History
  • I know a certain amount about the Ricketts family, and the Quakers and the burial ground. This post is simply to tell you that, once I am able to tell you of other contacts who might be able to help you better than I can, I will be in touch with you again. In the meantime would you like to email me on nose4news@haddenhamvillage.net, so that I can communicate more easily with you — or for you to ring me on 01844 291406.

2:04pmmarshy on Wedding Album
  • Research shows that as many as 75% of people pay for professional wedding photography but for various reasons (budget, time, procrastination...) never get around to printing their photos or having an album made.
    The best way to show off your photos to family and friends (and thank those who helped to make the day special) is to display these precious memories in an album.
    Send us your Images and we will provide you with a professional finished product to treasure

    Editor's comment: This might be better posted in the Buy & Sell section?

Monday 19th Jun

3:28pmPeter 520 on Water Main Burst - Sorted
  • You may be well aware that last week an 8" water main burst on the A418 at Kings Cross, at the junction with Churchway. Damage to the road surface necessitated renewal down to a depth of some five inches and some traffic diversions. Mostly in the northern and western parts of the village Thames Water customers lost their water supply for up to a day. On reconnection the water was sometimes brownish for a very short time, but it was still safe to drink.

    While the work was being carried out there were traffic lights on the A418, and Churchway was closed, except for access, from the Banks Road junction up to Kings Cross. Those arrangements and the temporary re-routing of Arriva's 280 route had all ceased by noon today.

2:34pmJamesw1950 on History
  • Can anyone help?
    I use to visit relatives in the early 1960s they lived in a farmhouse in the village their names were Herbert & Nancy Ricketts. Herbert was a well known character within the village. I can remember there was a Quaker burial ground at the rear of the farmhouse and the family were Quakers. Can anyone tell me if the farmhouse is still standing and is the burial ground marked with a plaque? Are any of the family, Norman, Duncan, Robert and Doris still in the village?

Wednesday 14th Jun

9:01amChris on Water
  • There appears to be a problem with the mains water supply to Haddenham. I hear that there is a leak on the main supply on the A418.

    Editor's comment: Sorry this was late appearing, good Sir. The information was thoroughly 'broadcast'' on Facebook, and I didn't see this posting until early evening. Apologies

Tuesday 13th Jun

3:12pmOldBloke on Tim Armitt.
  • I agree with Jowan. Tim Armitt has does an excellent job leading a committed and hard working team and, as a consequence, has ensured that our annual Fete is one of the primary village events of the year, alongside the beer festivals. Well done Tim!

Monday 12th Jun

8:48pmJowan on Tim Armitt.
  • Thank you Tim for all your hard work with the Fete, getting it moved to Church End has made it a great event for the Village.
    We wish you and Sheilagh all the best for the future, we shall miss you both.

Wednesday 7th Jun

10:08amResident on Many Turns of Phrase
  • How I do appreciate our editor's frequent turn of phrase — for example, in NEWS, Scotsman pays a visit; and all those in his article "Ballet Star in Haddenham", including "I'll Fly For You" by a Spitfire.

    Editor's comment: Some readers cringe at my attempts to lighten things, and tell me so! However, I will keep trying!

Friday 2nd Jun

9:29amlaura on looking for a cleaner
  • Hi, I am looking for a cleaner to do 4hrs a week including a small amount of ironing. Does anyone have any recommendations for an immediate start? Thanks

    Editor's comment: Maybe worth posting on the Haddenham.net Facebook page too, if you use social media.

Wednesday 31st May

4:53pmPaul on Wanted. Black containers.
  • Does anybody know where I can collect some dark coloured containers, preferably 10-25 litres, for storing water, locally? They're only for holding water for passive solar greenhouse heating, so needn't be anything special. Many thanks, Paul.

9:48amSeeker of Truth & Justice on Haddenham Pubs
  • None — join the Literary Club in Aylesbury, they have very refined clientele.

    Editor's comment: Echo .... Echo ... Echo ? Or just déjà vu ?

Tuesday 30th May

9:54pmJowan on Haddenham Post Office
  • I too have no issue with any race, creed, religion or colour but I will not accept rudeness from anyone which is why I too voted with my feet many months ago.

7:37pmChalky on Haddenham Pubs
  • OK YAH!

7:33pmChalky on AWOL Bins
  • Has anyone else had one of their bins go missing? Today, I've found our brown bin is missing and fear it has bin (!) stolen. Whilst I'm not on Facebook, I see from the Haddenham.net public page (24 May) a couple of others have had a bin stolen.

7:24pmSeeker of Truth & Justice on Haddenham Pubs
  • None — join the Literary Club in Aylesbury; they have very refined clientele

5:24pmPraepostor on Haddenham Pubs
  • I have recently moved to the village and was considering utilizing one of the pubs — which one has a more refined clientele?

    Editor's comment: To quote John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious!"

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