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Monday 11th Dec

10:44amHellcat on This time last year....
  • The parking problems around the station have been resolved? That's news to me, as a resident severely affected by it! The problem has just been moved to other areas of Sheerstock and adjacent roads. As usual, our elected representatives are useless, and platitudes about these things taking a long time just an excuse for their inaction. Princes Risborough, Stoke Mandeville and other places with railway stations have had the problem solved by restricted parking, but not Haddenham. Chiltern Railways have shown their venality by increasing the parking charge by a huge percentage, exacerbating the problem of their creation.

Sunday 10th Dec

7:55pmOnBehalfOfAnother on Robert De Niro's Waiting ...
  • Calling any Italian speakers in the area! — native or advanced learners — If you are interested in meeting up as a discussion group once or twice a month to keep the language flowing, then please email: june@junevalloryjones.co.uk

Friday 8th Dec

2:44pmOnBehalfOfAnother on Nanny Service
  • I am new to the village and I'm looking to do some work as a nanny alongside relocating my photography & design business from the US to here. Ideally, I'd be looking for 2 full days a week, but could be tempted by 3 :)
    I have been employed as a nanny multiple times in the past, as well as doing a lot of occasional child-minding.
    I am especially experienced with (and love!) infants and toddlers, and I come with references. If you're looking for some warm & friendly part-time childcare, I'd love to meet you and see if we might be a good fit for each other.
    Please email me at leahjoykelton@gmail.com to start the conversation, or pass my name along to anyone you know in the village who might be interested.
    Thank you!

Monday 4th Dec

10:05amPaul on Doner Kebab van
  • I see that Europe is proposing to ban kebab meat, so that could be an end to that discussion. Maybe somebody will come up with a healthier alternative.

Sunday 3rd Dec

8:29pmPraepostor on Doner Kebab van
  • Dear Pinky.
    I beg to inform you that the residents must decide for themselves what they think is most advantageous to the interests of Haddenham and to their requirements and comfort.
    I have belonged to many villages over the years and I would regret if the convenience of all residents was not supplied.
    I hope when the Kebab Van returns it will flourish and nothing will be done to mar that good feeling amongst the various residents.

Thursday 30th Nov

9:33ampinky on Doner Kebab van
  • Oh Backlash, I hate to harp on. But, as I have said, I remember the old kebab van and all it brought to the village was trouble. Youths coming from outside the village at 2/3 in the early hours shouting and racing their cars and other things going on. If you lot in the Rising Sun want food I am sure the landlord would welcome the extra revenue and do Take-Aways. As for salmonella vans entering the village again, it ain't happening! Most people who work like to sleep at night. Enjoy your sherbets.

7:40amthis&that on This time last year....
  • Hear, hear! Couldn't agree more.
    Big thank you to Haddenham.net team.

Tuesday 28th Nov

9:16pmJalapeno on This time last year....
  • It doesn't seem a year ago that this forum was in the thick of debate re the car parking around the train station. Well, it is and.... thankfully it was finally resolved, a lot to do I'm sure with the collective response.

    Upon refection there's been quite a lot of change reported on over the past year; new villagers into new homes — more being built; community orchard formally opened; St Mary's school expansion; library refurbished... to name but a few.

    I would therefore just like to thank the haddenham.net team for their continued efforts to keep us all well informed and in rallying villagers (new and old alike) around local issues as they arise. This site helps knit the community together and must be a tremendously comforting read for those looking to move here!

Monday 27th Nov

10:38pmBacklash on Doner Kebab van
  • The consensus within the confines of the Rising Sun is that we support the return of a Kebab Van. I am especially in need of sustenance after a skin full of sherbets at kicking out time

Sunday 26th Nov

12:04pmpinky on Doner Kebab van
  • Seeker of truth and justice. I do not know who you have asked about kebab van, but I do know they are NOT within the playing field area. May I suggest that you use the local fish and chip shop, which does rather good kebabs! And the food is of edible origin, and not a mish-mash of meats slapped together more often than not. Questionable old van. Perhaps your palate does not like good food?!

Thursday 23rd Nov

7:14pmDark horse on Cowboy Window Cleaning Firm
  • For the past 2 decades EU regs have required that when working above a height of, I think 2 metres, that the ladder must be securely fixed to the ground or suitable structure. Sky engineers not only fix their ladders to a wall, they also use a harness. For work of short duration a 2nd operator footing the ladder might be deemed adequate. This regulation has driven window cleaners to adopt the pure water system with a lance and a brush system. Should a window cleaner fall from an improperly fixed ladder, I doubt he would be covered by his insurance.

    Editor's comment: Thank you for this well-informed reply — very helpful

5:47pmPraepostor on Cowboy Window Cleaning Firm
  • Anyone highlighting rogue traders has to be a good thing, particulary as the window cleaning industry is very open to abuse!
    Can someone confirm that traditional window cleaning and the use of ladders is now banned?

    Editor's comment: Not sure they are banned. But if you watch BT engineers using a ladder outside a domestic property, they drill a hole in the wall and anchor the base of the ladder via a wall mounted cable.

Wednesday 22nd Nov

5:27pmSeeker of Truth & Justice on Doner Kebab van
  • Pinky; the majority of residents living nearby, would welcome the homecoming of the Kebab Van — especially those with young children. Everything in moderation...

5:17pmSeeker of Truth & Justice on Cowboy Window Cleaning Firm
  • Who are the 'cowboy' window cleaning 'firm' now operating in the village? I noticed that they were using a pole and cloth to 'clean' upper floor windows of people's houses — ladder stayed on top of van. Charging £12 for the privilege!

    Editor's comment: Elf n Safety innit, mate!?
    The pole-based approach is considered to be much less dangerous than shinning up and hanging off ladders.
    However, this posting borders on defamation — thankfully the company is not named.
    Please take care.

Friday 17th Nov

7:13pmRod on Doner Kebab van
  • Yes this would require the payment of a fee and the agreement of the Playing Fields Management Committee. However, it is the Parish Council's responsibility to manage the car park so there would have to be an agreement with the PC and they would need to have copies of public liability insurance, food hygiene information etc.


7:14amthis&that on Flats Management Company?
  • Wondering if anyone can recommend a Property Management Company.
    Thank you in advance.

    Editor's comment: The Haddenham.net Facebook page will produce much quicker responses. See 'f' link at the top of every page on this website.

Wednesday 15th Nov

3:07pmBren on Medical Detection Dogs
  • Don't forget — Medical Detection & Assistance Dogs coming to an event this Sunday afternoon in the village hall. More info : medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk

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