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Thursday 17th Aug

1:52pmPaul on High Street resurfacing
  • Please do not use the poor quality of the road resurfacing to attack the travellers on Thame showground. The two are not connected and reports of vandalism etc by the travellers seems to have been wildly exaggerated. On this site I have previously read comments about racist views being expressed by some villagers, let's not let this become another attack on people who chose to adopt a different lifestyle.

    Editor's comment: It is ridiculous to imagine that Bucks CC would use any contractors other than seasoned, established businesses with access to major capital equipment. Sadly, it would seem the terms of the contracts are more about quantity and speed of work carried out rather than quality. Witness the many examples of repairs lifting within a few weeks — even in the absence of freeze-thaw weather conditions.

1:16pmPaul on High Street resurfacing
  • Who employs these substandard contractors? Who is being paid to check these people out for quality of workmanship etc. One begins to wonder how the contacts are being distributed.
    On a similar issue we had renovations to our local authority house several years ago. The work was carried out by "Apollo". The standard was so poor that several major jobs had to be repeated several times and the housing trust had to send their own workmen to correct faults.
    "Apollo" has since merged to become "Keepmoat Apollo" and are still employed by the trust. A simple computer check reveals an appalling list of complaints against Keepmoat and reports of accusations of fraud. Somebody should be held accountable for these failings, but will they?

12:54pmJustinB on High Street resurfacing
  • It seems I might have been a bit harsh in my comment earlier. According to the June article on here, it was a two-stage exercise with the earlier patching-up preparing the way for the full resurfacing this week — not, as I thought, two separate jobs with the first one a wasted effort. Still, there's no excuse for the poor quality and the Editor is completely right about the state of WiIlis Road.

7:38amJustinB on High Street resurfacing
  • Nothing like a spot of rain to show up the 'quality' of the resurfacing work. Was it perhaps done by the recent visitors to Thame? Not to mention the fact that it's only been a few months since the worst bits were patched up. Who failed to think that through?

    Editor's comment: Take a look at Willis Road — within a few weeks the 'patching repairs' were almost as bad as before the work was carried out. Bucks CC contractors doing a shoddy job. Such a waste of local tax payers' money!

Thursday 3rd Aug

1:03amChalky on Richborough refusal
  • Great news that planning permission has been refused. However, don't forget the developer has the right to appeal. Read too many times over the years of a developer appealing and a refusal being overturned. Fingers crossed for the next 6 months.

Tuesday 1st Aug

4:26pmLouis S Tools on Lads on scooters
  • final part

    Lads aged between 12 and 16 ish

    BEWARE lads on scooters between Thame and Haddenam
    BEWARE their complete lack of road sense

    The grass on the left hand side (going to Thame) should be cut.

    Who are they?

    What alternatives did they have to get between here and Thame?

    I hope to goodness that they don't have a summer job in Thame because they simply won't make it to the next school term.


4:20pmLouis S Tools on Lads on scooters
  • Part 3

    The rest of the group ahead with the lad that used the right hand turn at Scotsgrove oscillating across the full width of the road.

    I was forced to reduce to their speed. Until I could pass. They knew I was there but the lad moving from one side of the road to the other did not care.

    I pulled into the station and called 101. Several minutes later I got through and explained as best I could. Someone would be despatched to Haddenham and Thame Parkway as soon as there is availability. I pointed out that they would be better off going to Bicester.

    During this conversation, the lads appeared at the station.


4:12pmLouis S Tools on Lads on scooters
  • Part 2

    Last night, another trip to Thame at about the same time. As I pulled up to the junction at Scotsgrove to turn left, 4 or 6 lads — all over the place, on scooters on the left hand side (my side) and crossing to the left on their scooters. One lad joined the right hand turn in the middle of the road and was almost shunted !

    These lads are difficult to see, they are small, their clothing (minds, parents?) not bright.

    Cars coming up the hill swerving to avoid the car not fully in the right hand turn position, cars from Aylesbury travelling at speed.

    I called them idiots to be told by the lad turning right that they live in Bicester.

    Driving back from Thame one lad clearly not as fit or able lagged behind in what may as well have been a camouflage outfit


4:05pmLouis S Tools on Lads on scooters
  • Afternoon,

    Part 1

    On Friday 28 or Sat 29 Jul (memory eh?) at about 6.30pm driving from Haddenham, turning left at Scotsgrove to head down the hill and the left hand bend, the long grass on the left hand side completely obscured a group of young lads on scooters.

    They were scooting up the hill facing the oncoming traffic. I noted one lad was on the other side with the traffic. (These are the type of scooters we see used by the kids going to school; the small fold up sliver devices).

    It had been raining, they were in dark clothing and the traffic was compressed toward the middle of the road. A split second distraction and they could have been killed. It was not comfortable.


Monday 31st Jul

7:00pmBucks Herald - Christina on Smarts Fish and Chips Reopening
  • I am told that there is now a notice on the door of the fish and chip shop: "opening tomorrow".
    Many thanks for the phone call that I have had about that — which is a lot better than re-opening in two weeks time which was one story that I had heard the other day.

12:11pmBucks Herald - Christina on Smarts Fish and Chips Reopening
  • Has anyone any information about when the fish and chip shop will re-open? The telephone number they had (291799) seems to be disconnected. I believe that it is no longer part of a franchise. If you know anything I would be pleased to hear from you — 01844 291406 or nose4news@haddenhamvillage.net.

Sunday 23rd Jul

8:09pmHJG on Anyone needing graphic design assistance?
  • Hello,

    If anyone is looking/knows someone in need of graphic design assistance look no further! I'm a locally based graphic designer, with focused experience on print & branding. Whilst I work full time in London, I'm always looking for work to keep me busy when I'm home.

    Please feel free to get in touch be emailing harryjgreenough@gmail.com

    I'd be more than happy to have a chat and discuss what you're current needs are

    Thanks :D

Thursday 20th Jul

5:01pmFlorence on Racism in Haddenham
  • Last week an incident in Haddenham upset many of us deeply, involving a parent at St Mary's school and a neighbouring resident. I have found Haddenham to be a friendly place to drop my children off at school, but I have the substantial benefit -- though an outsider to the village -- of being white. It saddens me terribly to say it, but my fellow parents of different races have not always felt so welcome and have occasionally felt very, very unwelcome.

    I would like to think that the vast majority of Haddenham residents agree with me that racism has no place in our society. None. I really don't know what to say to people who harbour it. But I would like to ask the rest of us to stand up against it, speaking up when we witness racism in our communities. We must stamp it out.

Wednesday 19th Jul

7:36amChris M on The House of Spice
  • My friends and I — all experienced Indian restaurant visitors — recently went to the House of Spice to eat in. There were several other groups of people there. The service and food were all excellent — we thought the food was better and more interesting here than some others we have been to.
    I may have missed it — is there an update on their planning application?

Tuesday 18th Jul

5:38pmConfused N10 on East meets West
  • I can see the benefits, both environmental and commercial to creating rail links. Seems like a no brainer.

    However what's all this talk of targeting Haddenham for a settlement when it's got little to do with us and the main rail link is going to be from/through Risbro and Aylesbury? Our line will merely be an alternative route. And surely the bulk of commuters will go between Oxford and Cambridge anyway as anyone from London areas will use existing rail.

    If the rail link is built we won't need new roads despoiling the country too. Yet another excuse for developers who live in vast mansions and cities to vomit their ideas over those of us who live in England's picturesque villages. Shame.

Saturday 15th Jul

5:13pmTommyG on Local Broadband
  • Self is thinking of moving to Haddenham and have a number of questions to ask. To begin with, an easy one? What's the local Broadband reception like? I have had SKY for some years, in Aylesbury, serves my purpose. Any Broadband issues around Haddenham?

    Editor's comment: On occasions residents complain of problems in specific roads, and the Chilworth Gate area is frequently mentioned in FB posts. Others complain of poor tech support from the likes of BT and TalkTalk. But overall broadband is good, with fibre-to-cabinet in most if not all the village. Speeds by fibre are usually in the 30-50Mb download and 10-20Mb upload range. Others will doubtless comment if their experience is different. But I suggest you post to the Facebook page for a much fuller set of replies.

7:12amAdrianR on Noise at night
  • We didn't, but there was a new pile of rails at the gateway on Station Road and a machine being loaded yesterday so I'm guessing overnight railway works.

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