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Wednesday 13th Jun

2:54pmMike Phillips on Taxi or Car Share to Henley Regatta.
  • One person going to Henley Regatta on Sunday 8th July looking to car or taxi share (proportionate rate paid) to arrive Henley by Noon latest and return to Haddenham from Henley at approximately 6pm.

    Editor's comment: This may do better on the Haddenham.net Facebook page, Mike

Monday 11th Jun

10:07pmKeith Milmer on Home Help Needed
  • Posted on behalf of a local parent:

    I am a working mum of one toddler (Noah 2.5 years old) and expecting another early August and run a business from home.
    So would love some help with cleaning, washing, ironing and maybe cooking the odd meal but this isn't essential.
    We live in Haddenham village and days/hours can be flexible depending on the person.
    My number is 07812 192 723 to call to discuss.
    Many thanks!

Thursday 7th Jun

7:18pmMartin Craig on Front Door Key Found
  • Found in the road on Churchway — perhaps fell out of someone's pocket when cycling?

    Has two names on a plastic yellow keyring, if you can tell me what they are you can have it!

    Text me on 07810 384469

Wednesday 6th Jun

9:49amDavid Impey on Road resurfacing
  • I've just spoken to some blokes who are digging up the surface laid by Thames Water after they dug up Church End and Station Road.

    Some wonk from AVDC apparently thought the surface laid by Thames Water wasn't good enough (when it was a darn sight better than the surface surrounding it) so these other guys laid something substantially worse.

    What's really galling is that the new re-surfacers are instructed to studiously avoid filling in the craters pock-marking the surface laid presumably by AVDC.

    Is our local council incompetent or just corrupt? Answers on a postcard please.

9:35amKeith Milmer on Contact with Steel family
  • On behalf of a correspondent:
    "I am trying to get in touch with Victoria Anne Steel and /or David John Steel of The Croft.
    I believe Victoria's mother and I were students together a very long time ago and I would Ilike to contact her mother whose name is Judith.
    I shall be most grateful if you could help me.please.
    With compliments,
    John M Taylor retired Headmaster"
    Email: jmt.pleckman@btinternet.com

Thursday 24th May

3:18pmKeith Milmer on Looking For Work
  • On behalf of a local resident:
    Experienced Administrator, reliable, hardworking, trustworthy and very customer focused — seeking an admin/office job, temporary or permanent in the Haddenham/Thame area. Ideally about 30 hours a week.
    Please email: jplatt62@sky.com

Saturday 19th May

9:15pmBren on Village Hall AGM
  • For those of you who do not do Facebook.
    The Village Hall AGM i(open to everyone) is Wednesday 23rd May 7.30pm.
    Did you know that the Village Hall now has WiFi?
    Come along on Wednesday to find out more.
    See you there, Brenda Bonnage

Friday 4th May

3:15pmBucks Herald - Christina on A418/Thame Road Roadworks
  • There have been different reports concerning the UK Power Networks (UKPN) work locally. Those reports are based on information from Transport for Bucks.

    The following has been received today from UKPN, based on a report from the team who are actually doing the work.
    "Afternoon Peter,.please see the below updated information further to your earlier call, thanks, Simon, UKPN Press Office."
    " We are installing underground electricity cables at Aylesbury Road in Haddenham to upgrade power supplies for local homes and businesses. We are doing all we can to complete the work. We plan to remove the temporary traffic lights later this afternoon (May 4) and aim to finish the project by next Friday (May 11). We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Wednesday 2nd May

9:10pmTom Pollard on Misdirected letter,
  • I ask for help in tracing a Mr. Paul Britnell, who does not live at my address. I received a letter for him today and I can't find him in the 'phone book.

    I'm at 19 Stockwell Furlong (01844 291367) and will need identification to pass over the letter.

    Thanks for your help.

Thursday 26th Apr

6:05pmKeith Milmer on New Posting Arrangements - page 1
  • Haddenham.net was launched in its present format almost six years ago. During that time the 'Share & Chat' section has provided a means for Haddenham residents to express their opinions and concerns about local matters. This platform preceded the availability of widely-used local Facebook pages which now tend to offer much quicker opportunities for the exchange of views.
    Haddenham.net's Editorial Advisory Group has considered deleting the 'Share & Chat' section, but recognises that there is still a significant group of folk who prefer not to use Facebook...

6:04pmKeith Milmer on New Posting Arrangements - page 2
  • In retaining this section of the website, we have decided that all postings must be offered under the real names of their authors in future. The use of nicknames will no longer be permitted — i.e., no anonymous postings will be published going forward.
    We hope this desire for transparency is acceptable to the vast majority of users of this platform.

6:01pmKeith Milmer on New Posting Arrangements - page 3
  • If you wish to post to the Share & Chat section in future, please click on 'Create New Nickname' and enter your genuine name, based on: First Name_Family Name (e.g., Fred Bloggs). Thereafter, for any further posts, click on the down arrow and select your real name.
    In the unlikely event that an individual has already created three pen names, please email haddenham.net@hotmail.com and we will delete them so that you can insert your real name.
    If any of this requires further explanation, or if you encounter any technical problems — again, please send an email.
    Many thanks

Thursday 19th Apr

9:48pmGill Bedding on Wasted Money
  • Parish Council finances are subject to both external audit (by auditors appointed by Bucks County Council) and internal audit too. The accounts and lists of payments are published online. The chairman of the finance and general purposes committee explained how the estimated cost of the various questions was arrived at in the minutes of the last parish council which have been published on this site and the PC site. He has also separately volunteered to meet interested individuals to go through HPC financial records, so if you wish to be reassured, please contact the Clerk who I am sure would be pleased to coordinate a convenient meeting. I hope this clarifies matters.

8:16pmPraepostor on Wasted Money
  • I am of the opinion that the Haddenham Parish Council may have a case to answer; due to this £1,500 red herring nonsense they have propagated. They need to climb down from their Ivory Tower and clear their name, by commissioning an independent auditor. Until then we cannot be sure whether they have not been 'cooking the books'....

12:41pmDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul. Some sign of contrition or an apology would be appropriate or even a token payment to charity in recompense for the £1,500 of our money that you wasted.

    Your best course of action now is to walk away from this thread, as you have promised to do. It is not doing your cause any good at all. But you cannot can you? You have to have the last word.

    Go on Paul. Show everyone that I am wrong and back out of this thread now.

12:39pmDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, you say 'Please do not expect any further comment from me'. If only that were true. When your misdemeanors first became public knowledge your best course of action was to have lain low. After a few weeks another scandal would have arisen and you would have soon been forgotten. But you couldn't do that could you Paul. You have to be right and you have to have the last word and so you started this thread by attacking those who you had been waging war against, knowing that they were in responsible positions and unable to fight back. Well it did not work.

12:38pmDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, why are you obsessed with the use pseudonyms? That is the way this section of Haddenham Net works. You are also hiding behind a pseudonym. I have no idea who you are but then I have no desire to know who you are. I know what you are and what you have done and that is enough for me.

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