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Thursday 26th Apr

6:01pmKeith Milmer on New Posting Arrangements - page 3
  • If you wish to post to the Share & Chat section in future, please click on 'Create New Nickname' and enter your genuine name, based on: First Name_Family Name (e.g., Fred Bloggs). Thereafter, for any further posts, click on the down arrow and select your real name.
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    If any of this requires further explanation, or if you encounter any technical problems — again, please send an email.
    Many thanks

Thursday 19th Apr

9:48pmGill Bedding on Wasted Money
  • Parish Council finances are subject to both external audit (by auditors appointed by Bucks County Council) and internal audit too. The accounts and lists of payments are published online. The chairman of the finance and general purposes committee explained how the estimated cost of the various questions was arrived at in the minutes of the last parish council which have been published on this site and the PC site. He has also separately volunteered to meet interested individuals to go through HPC financial records, so if you wish to be reassured, please contact the Clerk who I am sure would be pleased to coordinate a convenient meeting. I hope this clarifies matters.

8:16pmPraepostor on Wasted Money
  • I am of the opinion that the Haddenham Parish Council may have a case to answer; due to this £1,500 red herring nonsense they have propagated. They need to climb down from their Ivory Tower and clear their name, by commissioning an independent auditor. Until then we cannot be sure whether they have not been 'cooking the books'....

12:41pmDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul. Some sign of contrition or an apology would be appropriate or even a token payment to charity in recompense for the £1,500 of our money that you wasted.

    Your best course of action now is to walk away from this thread, as you have promised to do. It is not doing your cause any good at all. But you cannot can you? You have to have the last word.

    Go on Paul. Show everyone that I am wrong and back out of this thread now.

12:39pmDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, you say 'Please do not expect any further comment from me'. If only that were true. When your misdemeanors first became public knowledge your best course of action was to have lain low. After a few weeks another scandal would have arisen and you would have soon been forgotten. But you couldn't do that could you Paul. You have to be right and you have to have the last word and so you started this thread by attacking those who you had been waging war against, knowing that they were in responsible positions and unable to fight back. Well it did not work.

12:38pmDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, why are you obsessed with the use pseudonyms? That is the way this section of Haddenham Net works. You are also hiding behind a pseudonym. I have no idea who you are but then I have no desire to know who you are. I know what you are and what you have done and that is enough for me.

8:47amPaul on Blood/platelet donors
  • There is currently an urgent need for more platelet donors. Platelet donors are needed to assist the treatment of cancer patients, people with blood disorders and new-born babies. Blood group "A negative" is especially required, as this can be used for a range of other blood groups. Please contact the donor centre for more information, or I will be happy to tell you what to expect (free coffee and biscuits!).

Wednesday 18th Apr

8:14pmPaul on Wasted Money
  • Dear Editor,
    Many thanks for you contribution. May I reiterate that if anybody, including the P.C. members, would like to ask me the reason behind my asking H.P.C. any of the " 36 questions" I will happily provide a full explanation. Some of the explanations may prove quite enlightening to villagers.

7:31pmPaul on Wasted Money
  • Dear Dicky Bird,
    If you can state the 36 questions I asked, I am ready to explain the reasons for each, in a public forum. If you continue to hide and snipe I can only conclude that you have something to conceal. In response to your other comments I can only advise you that a fool's scorn has greater value for me than a sycophant's praise. Please do not expect any further comment from me, on this issue, unless you can state the questions I asked and are willing to listen to a reasoned argument.

    Editor's comment: For information only >
    Details relevant to this matter have already been published.
    For anyone interested, copy-and-paste the following link into a browser:

11:09amDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, why are you so desperate to find out who I am? Is it so you can bully and intimidate me in the same way that you have been doing to so many of our local government officials, website administrators etc. who simply do not agree with your warped views? I am sorry, it will not work with me. Unlike your other victims I am in a position to be able to respond.

    Yes, I have looked at the facts, and I quote from the Parish Council meetings. During a six week period, you had submitted 36 vexatious queries amounting to a "Denial of Service" attack on the Council. Have you ever thought of an anger management course for this failure of yours to accept that others have a different point of view?

Tuesday 17th Apr

1:18pmPaul on Wasted Money
  • Dicky Bird. Please stop hiding behind a pseudonym. Have you spent any time looking at the P.C. , A.V.D.C. or B.C.C. minutes, or do you simply spend your time criticising me and ignoring facts? If you list the 36 questions I asked, and supposedly cost £1500 to answer, I'll be happy to explain the reasons for each and every one. Please look at the facts and make a well reasoned comments or refrain from making any comment.

9:53amDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, I am sorry to hear that you are the subject of a smear campaign. Perhaps you should ask yourself why so many people despise you so much.

9:50amDicky Bird on Wasted Money
  • Paul, It would appear that you are being 'juvenile' by taking out your frustrations on our hard working local council officials. Victor Meldrew comes to mind but perhaps you are too young to remember. Either way your behaviour has been appalling. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Monday 16th Apr

7:32pmBren on The Vicarof Dibley.
  • Yes, very well done to all at Haddenham Players.
    Brilliant entertainment — Thank you.

3:07pmPaul on Wasted Money
  • Dicky Bird...perhaps you would also like to level the playing field and reveal your identity, as my own identity is widely known and I appear to be the current focus of a smear campaign. Too many people, it seems, are hiding in the shadows.

2:48pmPaul on Wasted Money
  • Dicky Bird...maybe you should ask for a breakdown of the "costs". I suggest that people pay a bit more attention to the P.C. accounts and affairs, rather than making juvenile attacks on me.

Sunday 15th Apr

4:35pmJowan on The Vicarof Dibley.
  • Haddenham players are to be congratulated on a fantastic performance of the Vicar of Dibley.
    I think possibly their best production to date.
    Well done to everyone, it was a very entertaining evening.

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