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This section of the website is dedicated to information and activities that help us all to remain as fit and healthy as possible. The terms "wellness" is an approach to healthcare that emphasises the prevention of illness and the prolongation of life, as opposed to the treatment of diseases. We'll leave the latter to the professionals at the Haddenham Medical Centre!
Some residents may remember the Haddenham Health Supporters' Group which played an active role in the area of wellness in the village in the 1990s. The group promoted all that helped to encourage healthy lifestyles, including the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all age groups in the local community. This section of the website can be regarded as a virtual version of that group's aims and objectives.
Please let us have any ideas and links that you belive may be helpful to others.
In particular, we would like to feature any initiatives that relate to the following five ways to enhance our health & wellbeing:
... with others, at home, at work, and in the local community.
... because an active lifestyle not only keeps our bodies healthy, but makes us feel good as well.
... to become more conscious of the here and now. It's easy to rush through our busy lives without pausing for thought, so notice how special our local environment is, here in the Vale of Aylesbury.
... by trying something new to help keep our minds and our lives active: e.g., signing up for a reading group, joining a drama class or music group, taking part in a workshop or getting creative with arts and crafts.
... giving to others makes us feel better, so let's explore ways of giving our time, expertise and energy, by being a good neighbour or helping to organise local community events, and make them successful by turning up and joining in.

News Update:
Heightened Concern Over Sunbed Risks
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