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Monday 8th Apr

5:40pmPeter Jeffery on Arriva 280 Buses in Woodways
  • Just to say that, as reported elsewhere, the bus stop for the 280 from Aylesbury to Oxford on the playing fields side in Woodways is suspended while the gas main is being renewed. SGN (gas mains work) and Transport for Bucks both confirm that this is what Arriva have agreed to do. They are also supposed to have told the drivers not to stop there, and put clear information at that bus stop that it is not to be used. But some buses are still stopping there. So, if you are going on the 280 towards Oxford you need to board the bus either at the Stanbridge Road stop, or at the Fort End stop.
    Buses to Aylesbury (on the Junior School side) will still be stopping on that side in the lay-by as normal.

Saturday 6th Apr

8:20amMike. on Waste "Management"
  • What a backward step this is. The closure of the recycling centre two days a week and permanent closure of Bledlow will undoubtedly lengthen the already, at times, not inconsiderable queue for entry. Furthermore if an operative has to assess a charge and payment subsequently made, that in itself will also lengthen the turnaround time.
    They say there will be no or little affect on fly-tipping. I think this is wishful thinking. In any event they will have the money from charges to fund the clearing the countryside of dumped rubbish.

Sunday 31st Mar

9:32pmPeter Jeffery on Posters
  • Yes, it is very sad that, on occasions, someone removes posters which are for a specific event. For some years I have taken down posters, but not until after an event that has been held. Fairly recently I was told that the Parish Council has said that they do not have an issue with posters that are on telegraph posts, or elsewhere. Nonetheless, while that applies to posters for charities, etcetera, which are based in the village, or have a village connection, including those for events outside the village, they may well take a contrary view if the event is commercial.

Wednesday 27th Mar

5:49amMichael Phillips on Posters
  • I gave two talks in February at the Village Hall on "Stories of a Tour Guide of the D-Day Landing Beaches" in support of the Haddenham Syrian Family Project. Of the 15 laminated posters used to advertise the event, only 1 survived by the time the talks were delivered. Such mindlessness is a desecration to those who strive to do good in the community. Michael Phillips.

Tuesday 26th Mar

9:06pmPeter Williams on Posters
  • I write as a member of a small group supporting Florence Nightingale Hospice. To advertise our events and attract customers one major method of advertising other than Web Radio and local outlets/publications is Posters on suitable visual structures such as phone poles.
    As others we spend time and money designing printing laminating annd then displaying. Unfortunately there are those in the village who do not agree with our objectives and who remove/steal our posters, so reducing our ability to fund the Hospice. I despair, any comments on who they may be? or will they speak up? your comments please.

Tuesday 19th Mar

2:12pmThomas Langton on AVDC Phone Scam
  • Had call yesterday from very plausible man claiming to be from AVDC and advising that I was due a refund from the council.He was so good that I was nearly taken in. When he eventually asked for my bank sort code and account number I said NO. He continued by saying that this was only for refunds and that my direct debit was for charges. He was good. When I continued to say NO he said the alternative was to go to the council offices and fill in lots of forms and that this would take three to four weeks. Goodness I nearly gave in. Glad I didn't. This was one of many such calls and I hope that no one has been caught.

Wednesday 13th Mar

1:20pmJacky on Neighbourhood watch
  • If anyone would like to give me their email address to get police NHW emails please let me know or click on link below.

    Also anyone who has stopped getting NHW emails as they have changed their email address please let me know.

    You can also join https://www.thamesvalleyalert.co.uk/

    best regards Jacky

Tuesday 5th Feb

8:36pmMilly on Green Lane
  • I went for a walk down green lane today the first time since it was supposed to be tarmaced. I thought it would be a nice clean walk but to my surprise the road consisted of mud gravel and pot holes. Where is the. Tarmac? I couldn't walk on the grass as there was a lot of dogs mess on the grass verge. I thought a lot of money was spent to make Green Lane into a nice walking and cycling road.

    Editor's comment: The first 50 metres comprise the original farm access route. You didn't walk far enough! The newly widened and surfaced section begins a little further in from Stanbridge Rd

Friday 1st Feb

10:49amMaureen Whish on Lost small,young tabby cat.
  • Please check your garage and shed. Lost from friends house in Roberts Road on 31st Jan. Thankyou

Wednesday 23rd Jan

2:27pmLizzy on Babysitting.
  • Hello, I'm a mature babysitter with 28 years experience and a current DBS check. I'm a registered nurse and studying for a post graduate diploma. I live in Haddenham and am available most week nights and at weekends.

    My telephone number is: 07925014214

Saturday 19th Jan

12:18pmBrad Liddle on Spanish property owners
  • Does anyone own property in Spain which they let ?
    I am looking for somewhere for 6 weeks january february

Sunday 6th Jan

8:36amAlan Ayres on Christmas cards
  • Where can I take my old Christmas, rather than putting them in our recycle bin? Would prefer if there was a local charity that took them. Saw something on Haddenham Facebook page but as I am not on Facebook couldn't access any further info.

Friday 4th Jan

7:36pmDavid Alexander on Trying to find Miss Rochelle Willis
  • Hello,
    I am trying to find Miss Rochelle Wallis as a parcel has been delivered to my house.
    If anybody knows her please let her know to contact me so I can reunite her with her parcel.
    Many thanks


Sunday 30th Dec

2:53pmsimon jefford on Lost Drone
  • Lost — one star wars speeder bike drone by the fields next to the fields. If it didn't up on the roof of the club house (I don't think it did) then it could have ended up in a garden in Roberts Road. My 8 year old would be very happy if it turned up!

Friday 28th Dec

9:36amDavid Impey on Remembrance Silhouette
  • I wonder if it is time that the silhouette of the soldier on Church End should be retired.

    The ceremony of Remembrance and the Armistice Commemorations are nearly two months ago and yet this forlorn figure remains. It is difficult to determine what function it serves as there is a proud War Memorial only 50 metres from it.

    I would suggest it looks incongruous and at variance to the spirit of Remembrance in that 'They Died So We Should Live'. Being forced to constantly look backwards does not serve their memory.

Monday 17th Dec

2:18pmIsobel Turner on Babysitting.
  • I am available for babysitting services throughout this busy Xmas period — please contact if you're interested and for further information.

Wednesday 28th Nov

11:50amZhihong on Cafe-plus this Sunday 2/12/18
  • I was just wondering if anyone has Haddenham Infant and Junior School uniforms to give away or to swap for this coming Sunday at Caf├ęplus at Village Hall? I am looking at 5 and 10 years old girl school cardigan and shirts. We may bring some of ours to give away if we can sort it out from the garage. Thanks!

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