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Welcome to this page of the website featuring the Haddenham Village Society.

Haddenham is a large village in Buckinghamshire, in the United Kingdom. Nearest towns are Thame and Aylesbury.

The Haddenham Village Society holds talks, presentations, organises outings & excursions, runs fund-raising events, supports community & activity groups, makes representations on planning applications and other issues affecting your village.

Membership of HVS is £25 per family for a 5 year period, and this gives access to certain member-only events as well as supporting the village. 'Life Members' can volunteer to transfer to this arrangement also, if they so wish.


The Aims of the Haddenham Village Society are:

  • To reflect the culture of the village, drawing from the traditions and ambiance of the past, evolving to encompass the aims and living styles of the present, to preserve the quality of life and provide a heritage for the future
  • To emphasise that Haddenham is an agreeable location in which to live, with a strong sense of community both in fabric and in spirit
  • To champion the visual appeal of the village, whilst recognising the need for appropriate development of housing, businesses, shops, services roads and other amenities within the village
  • To be a point of contact for new arrivals and to existing residents


The Haddenham Village Society offers a wide range of meetings and events each year. These are held approximately monthly.

Although the HVS Committee is dominated by mature folk who have the time to help organise such events, the Village Society is very keen indeed to offer activities that are attractive to all age groups and which reflect a broad range of interests.

The programme of HVS meetings and events is advised by direct emails sent regularly to our registered members, and full details are also published in advance on the community website, Haddenham.net

For details about joining the Village Society, please get in touch with the Hon. Membership Secretary:

Brian Cole, Willowbrook, 7 Station Road, Haddenham HP17 8AN
Tel: 291876
Email: JBColeUK@aol.com

Or simply download and complete the application form featured below the images on this page, and return to Brian Cole.


Prof Sir Roderick Floud

Duck Bottom,
15 Flint Street,
Haddenham HP17 8AL
Tel: 01844 291086
Email: roderick.floud@btinternet.com

Brian Bowman
Hall House, 14 Church End,
Haddenham HP17 8AE
Tel: 290346
Email: brianandzoe@lustleighcottage.com

Vice Chairman
John Brandis,
Fort End House, Fort End,
Haddenham HP17 8EJ
Tel: 292484
Email: j.m.brandis46@gmail.com

Hon. Treasurer
Bill Burns,
13 Popes Acre,
Haddenham HP17 8AQ
Tel: 292269
Email: bill@bbburns.co.uk

Hon. Membership Secretary
Brian Cole, Willowbrook,
7 Station Road,
Haddenham HP17 8AN
Tel: 291876
Email: JBColeUK@aol.com

Elected Members of the Committee:

Richard Hirst
Emmanuel Cottage,
16 Townsend Green,
Tel: 291117
Email: richard.hirst@jpbh-consulting.co.uk

Keith Milmer
Churchway, Haddenham HP17 8AA
Tel: 290244
Email: haddenham.net@hotmail.com

Mike Mingos
Long Honey, Church End,
Haddenham HP17 8AE
Tel: 291557
Email: michael.mingos@seh.ox.ac.uk

Roz Owens
Hopefield, 15 Station Road,
Haddenham HP17 8AN
Tel: 292444
Email: rosamundrossington@btinternet.com

Jim Robinson
Diggs Farm, 32 Station Road,
Haddenham HP17 8AN
Tel: 291831
Email: jim.robinson@wychert.co.uk

Alison Watt
21 Waterslade Pens,
Haddenham HP17 8HP
Tel: 292544
Email: alison.watt@yahoo.co.uk