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The vast majority of local residents are registered with the Haddenham Medical Centre. Here's the phone number for appointments: 01844 293 300.

If you wish to request repeat prescriptions online, you will need to re-register for this facility. To begin the process, please pop into the medical centre and collect the necessary form. (The registration procedure is a rigorous one, to ensure that access to your records and the ability to request repeat prescriptions remains totally secure).

Health Links
The Medical Centre's own website provides some useful health-related links and sources of information for patients and carers. To access the relevant page, please click here

Remaining healthy is a top priority for all of us, and it therefore follows that our local health services are hugely important. The editor of this website was formally Chairman of the Health Supporters Group, which was very active in the 1990s. Since returning to Haddenham, after living elsewhere for the last 15 years, he has received various unsolicited comments about the Haddenham Medical Centre, and the way it is currently serving local health care needs.

How do you see things?

If you are registered with the local General Practice, what are the things that our local health care professionas are doing well? For what services and facilities would you like to offer a big 'thumbs up' and offer a sincere vote of thanks?

How would you like to see the Medical Centre change the way it operates? What are the key ways in which local health care services might be improved? is seeking constructive comments please — that is to say, if you have a concern, please be sure to offer feedback that can be acted upon. We are not seeking negative and unhelpful comments. All professionals are keen to do the best they can within their abilities and available resources, so it is really important that we create a positive and constructive dialogue, that helps move things forward in a way that serves everyone's shared aims and desires.

You can offer your feedback via our Share&Chat forum or via an email to the editor of this website: Both communication routes will allow you to offer feedback anonymously, if you so choose. This is done via the Share&Chat forum by adopting a unique username, but please be respectful and use appropriate language — all postings will be moderated to ensure that the forum remains civilised! To go to the Share&Chat forum, click here.

Comments sent via the editor of will be forwarded (as he judges appropriate) to the Practice Manager at the Medical Centre, without disclosing the name of the contributor(s).