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PPG: Shaping Local Healthcare

Haddenham Medical Centre has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which seeks to play a significant role in providing helpful feedback to the practice, to help raise standards of care and shape the provision of wider health-related services via the Aylesbury Vale Clinical Consultation Group (CCG).

You can find out more about the Aylesbury Vale CCG here.

Technically speaking, every patient registered with Haddenham Medical Centre is a potential member of Haddenham PPG, in that we seek the opinions and feedback from everyone: from parents and carers of the newborn right up to the most senior members of our community – whether they live in Haddenham or in one of the outlying villages and hamlets (including Aston Sandford, Bishopstone, Chearsley, Cuddington, Dinton, Eythrope, Ford, Gibraltar, Upper and Lower Hartwell, Kingsey, Long Crendon, Longwick, Nether Winchendon, Scotsgrove, Stone, Upper Hartwell, Upper Winchendon and Upton).

Regular PPG meetings are held, at different times and geographical locations, to widen potential involvement. These meetings provide opportunities for members to hear about service changes or improvements being implemented at Haddenham Medical Centre, and to give feedback about their personal experiences as patients, carers or Fish Scheme drivers. Those patients who are unable to attend meetings in person are warmly invited to contact the PPG officers who will arrange for meeting notes and other relevant communications to be forwarded to them.

The PPG Chairman is Barry Lynch – (Email: barrylynch@gmail.com)

The Vice Chair is David Gregory – (Email: davidygregory@aol.com)

Barry is extremely keen to help the professionals shape the primary health care for patients of the Haddenham practice in a way that delivers the very best possible health service for the constrained resources available.

This is vitally important as NHS resources become ever more stretched and GPs assume (some rather reluctantly) a greater role as gatekeepers and purse string holders for secondary care services, including:

  • Elective hospital care
  • Rehabilitation care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Most community health services
  • Mental health and learning disability services

Perhaps more fundamentally, patients of the Haddenham Practice may have hopes and expectations that are not currently being met, even given the limited resources.

The primary role of the PPG is therefore to seek feedback from all patients registered with Haddenham Medical Centre, and to help facilitate dialogue with the professional staff so they can shape GP services in ways that are consistent with expressed patient needs and priorities.

So, if you are a patient of the Haddenham practice, please write to the PPG Chairman, with your response to the following:

1. What attribute of the health service provided by Haddenham Medical Centre do you value most highly – and why?

2. What area is in need of most urgent attention – and why?

You can contact the PPG Chairman either by email, letter or telephone. Here are the details:

Email: barrylynch@gmail.com
Letter: via the Medical Centre
Tel: 01296 748 392

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