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There is lots of evidence to show that walking is one of the most healthy activities in which we can participate. Try a Google search on "health benefits of walking" and you will find a mountain of articles to confirm this. And the number of benefits is quite remarkable – for example, see here.

Haddenham has many delightful little nooks and crannies to explore on foot within the village, particularly in the conservation area. It is also located in the Vale of Aylesbury, a particularly rural part of Buckinghamshire, with easy access to a large number of attractive fieldpaths and public rights of way that provide many miles of relatively flat walking.

Wychert Way

One excellent asset is the Wychert Way, a circular walk that might be regarded as starting and ending on the edge of Haddenham, and taking in various local villages, including Chearsley, Cuddington, Dinton, Ford and Aston Sandford. The complete circular walk is approximately 12 miles in length, but it can be accessed at various points near the villages listed as well as from some local roads with suitable parking facilities, and so can enjoyed in sections by those looking to cover shorter distances.

Generous grants made by Bucks County Council and the Haddenham Beer Festival Trustees in 2012/2013 have enabled local enthusiasts to way-mark the Wychert Way and replace many styles with brand new 'kissing gates', thus making the route even easier for those who find climbing styles to be rather challenging.

A walker's guide to the Wychert Way is nearing completion, and will be published on this website as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, a map of the route can be downloaded from this page (see PDF below the photographs – the walking route is marked in Green; please be patient as the file is quite large), together with notes listing points of interest along the route; and for those interested in the meaning of the word Wychert (or "Witchert"), relevant notes are also offered.

For more information about the Wychert Way, please visit the dedicated website
or contact Jim Robinson:
Tel: 01844 291831
Email: jim.robinson@wychert.co.uk

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