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Saturday 13th Apr

11:11amlittlemissgrumps on Dog Poo Bins
  • As a responsible dog owner I am asking why the poo bins are not always emptied, resulting in overflowing debris. Poo bins are a good scheme and should be backed up by regular emptying, otherwise people will start, or continue in some cases, to use the ordinary litter bins.

Thursday 11th Apr

8:11pmNickD on Tree by Banks Parade pond
  • Thank you — you live and learn! It just looked quite a serious amount of pruning, but I'm glad to hear the tree will survive (and thrive!).

5:46pmKeith Milmer on Tree by Banks Parade pond
  • Chris Young, Chairman of the Environment Committee of Haddenham Parish Council, wasn't sure how to post a response, so has asked me to respond on his behalf. He states:
    "This tree was 'pollarded', not cut down. This was organised by the owner of the shops, not by Haddenham Parish Council. Pollarding is the normal procedure for Willows every few years. I do the same to the one in my garden."

Tuesday 9th Apr

12:45pmNickD on Tree by Banks Parade pond
  • I was saddened to see the felling of the willow tree by the pond — it all looks rather bare. Does anyone know the reasons why it was removed? I'm assuming it was becoming unsafe, but it'd be good to know for sure.


Thursday 14th Mar

11:22amPaul on Fun music
  • If there's anybody who's interested in fun music sessions, at a purely amateur level, with just about anything that makes a sound (keyboard, guitar, tin-whistle, ocarina, harmonica etc etc), I'd be interested in sharing some sounds. Cheers, Paul.

11:15amPaul on Local Bike Repairs?
  • If the person wanting a bike repair drops me a line I can have a look. Cheers, Paul.

Wednesday 6th Mar

6:54pmAngus on Parking Issues
  • I had some issues with people who parks at Wirethorn Furlong as a "free parking" so they can use the train station, to save money.

    As far as I am aware they avoided parking at Sheerstock as they had some problems as well.

    I had to confront the owner of the car when he walked to his car from the station and I told him that he can't park his car on a private residential area and he says he is allowed to park there.

    What can I do ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday 26th Feb

12:49pmgerontion on New medical computer system
  • Is anybody else exasperated by the new medical centre computer system? On an aggressively commercial website, you enter 26 figures in 4 groups. If lucky, you are rewarded with an 11 figure 'user ID', which, combined with a password including figures and upper and lower case letters, leads you to the appointments. It works, but try it a second time and not only do they not recognise you, they threaten you with lockout if you keep trying. Try re-registering and the site remains equally intransigent and offensive. Not good for blood pressure — you end up iller than you start.

Thursday 7th Feb

10:47amKathy S on Local Bike Repairs?
  • Does anybody know if there is somebody locally in the village who repairs bicycles? I am currently transport-free and missing my bike! Thanks.

Monday 28th Jan

7:56pmGeneral Grivas on Cycling
  • Retiree who still believes he can outride Bradley Wiggins is looking for a chain gang to join or perhaps establish.
    Anyone interested?

Monday 26th Nov

12:49pmHaddenham Webteam on Web Design Tutor Required
  • Haddenham.net has been approached by an adult student who is participating in a college course in web design. She is getting to grips with XHTML coding, and would like some assistance — especially in terms of using Style Sheets. Ideally she would like some one-to-one tuition for an hour or two. She lives in Haddenham. Please email this website if you're able to assist, and we will put you in direct contact. Email: haddenham.net@hotmail.com

Sunday 25th Nov

12:22amelderdo on Home For The Holidays
  • Jill Attwood will be home for the holidays visiting her father Keith Attwood and Valerie Attwood. Contact Jill at elderji@yahoo.com

Monday 19th Nov

7:13pmPhilippa Harper on Hamlet in 15 minutes
  • What a brilliant show — Hamlet in 15 minutes on Friday night!

    It was a delight to see Hamlet played in the shape of Robert Cairns — fresh, dynamic, nuanced, and striking the perfect balance between the tragedy and the comedy of the play (Hamlet — comedy? You had to be there!)

    Tom Stoppard's adaption of the 3.5 hour classic school text was brought vividly and uncompromisingly to life — with unexpected humorous take on the classic tragedy. The cast of 6 played out the key roles triumphantly, and the 2 minute finale brought the house down! Well done all and to the director Alison Court — the best night in Haddenham for years!

11:57amRoger40 on Chess search
  • I am looking to meet, drink and play chess with anyone within a 5 mile radius of our wonderful village. If you used to play or still do and would like to reserect your game,enjoy some lively and interesting company, then I could be your mate. Roger is my name and 40 tells you when I was.....Now a widower interested in golf, painting (art) and chess. Send me a blog if you have any questions.

Wednesday 7th Nov

5:00pmroger dodge on Is Anyone Interested in Playing Board Games?
  • Hi Roger,
    Yes I am interested but like you I was looking for someone to have pint during the week and play chess. I am a total amateur with knowledge picked up in the last few years from chess books.
    I have a chess clock which means one can use it to handicap the better player.
    Would that be of any interest to you. I am a 72 yr widower fit and well.

Friday 2nd Nov

11:18amIvan Nellavanitch on Xmas
  • I gather that this year's Christmas Carol Service will take place in the Village Hall on the evening of Friday 7th December. The start time is anticipated to be 7.00pm No doubt the confirmed timing will be published in the Diary section of this website in the near future.

11:01amKeith Milmer on Permission Homes being built....
  • David Truesdale, Chairman of the local planning committee, adds:

    Persimmon have just got their full planning permission — a copy arrived for the Parish Council the other day. So they are now free to start.

    But as Richard Moore says, the permission lasts 5 years. My understanding is that they will be proceeding. The Parish Council is looking at possible street names in consultation with Persimmon.

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