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Wednesday 7th Nov

5:00pmroger dodge on Is Anyone Interested in Playing Board Games?
  • Hi Roger,
    Yes I am interested but like you I was looking for someone to have pint during the week and play chess. I am a total amateur with knowledge picked up in the last few years from chess books.
    I have a chess clock which means one can use it to handicap the better player.
    Would that be of any interest to you. I am a 72 yr widower fit and well.

Friday 2nd Nov

11:18amIvan Nellavanitch on Xmas
  • I gather that this year's Christmas Carol Service will take place in the Village Hall on the evening of Friday 7th December. The start time is anticipated to be 7.00pm No doubt the confirmed timing will be published in the Diary section of this website in the near future.

11:01amKeith Milmer on Permission Homes being built....
  • David Truesdale, Chairman of the local planning committee, adds:

    Persimmon have just got their full planning permission — a copy arrived for the Parish Council the other day. So they are now free to start.

    But as Richard Moore says, the permission lasts 5 years. My understanding is that they will be proceeding. The Parish Council is looking at possible street names in consultation with Persimmon.

10:58amKeith Milmer on Permission Homes being built....
  • Richard Moore, a member of the Parish Council's Planning Committee, writes:

    My understanding is that the planning application is in the process of going through its final iteration — soft landscaping amendments.

    Reference is 10/00009/AOP

    However the receipt of planning approval is not an instruction to start. Persimmon may care to sit on the project for a couple of years and then sell it on with planning approval to another developer. The decision to proceed is entirely up to Persimmon.

Thursday 1st Nov

5:41pmAngus on Permission Homes being built....
  • Whats happening with the planning permission in Chilworth Gate, Haddenham, next to the train station? It was supposed to be starting to build houses over the summer ?

Tuesday 30th Oct

3:50pmAlfie1 on Window Cleaner
  • Can anyone recommend a reliable window cleaner?

Friday 19th Oct

11:45pmItsonlymary on Xmas
  • Does anybody know the date for the Christmas Carol Concert ?

Sunday 14th Oct

2:34pmRogerTCB on Is Anyone Interested in Playing Board Games?
  • I like playing board games such as Backgammon, Monopoly, Trivial Persuit etc plus Cribbage & Dominoes. Is anyone else interested? I just want to play for fun not in competitions & it needs to be a weekday evening, perhaps centred on one of the village pubs over a glass or two.

Tuesday 9th Oct

5:02pmGemmaP on Cleaner required
  • I am looking for a cleaner and would welcome any recomendations. Ideally they would attend on a Thursday or Friday on a weekly basis.

Monday 13th Aug

11:44amPat Rioett on Olympics
  • What a wonderful and joyful occasion the Olympics were for us, and indeed the world.

    The skills, ability, agility and goodwill displayed shown was unbelievable, each striving their utmost to give of their best. It was good too, to see the 'lesser'countries among the medal winners. Didn't we do well and I , for one, admire our athletes who gave us such an outstanding result, and well worthy of our humble flag flying!

    We must remember though, that the Olympics are not yet over with the Paralympics starting in a week or two, and we should continue to fly our flags for these courageous athletes who are even more deserving of our support

Friday 3rd Aug

9:28amPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Thank you Alan for that. In view of what you have tolled us, and after a Peal, St Mary's Bellringers certainly qualify, and I would suggest a Silver for Athletics and Agility, and deserving of a clapper two.
    It is always a joy to see the Church flag flying high, free and proud as depicts our Nation, unlike the Parish flag, partially hidden by trees , its freedom restricted

Thursday 2nd Aug

9:26pmPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Splendid! Now that Team GB has our full support, and so they should have, we can expect great results. They're doing very well anyway and we should be very proud of their achievements..

8:32pmS-fly on New Website for Haddenham
  • Great site — thanks!

5:41pmAlan on Olympics
  • Haddenham St Mary's Church is very proud to support our Olympic Team GB.
    The union Jack is now flying from the tower at Church End.

    People need to know that it is not an easy job getting to the top of the tower to put the flag up — we are dependent on the bell ringers who have to climb up above the bells to get access to the top. Many thanks to them.

    We may not qualify, even for a bronze medal but taking part is the most important thing.

Wednesday 1st Aug

8:49amPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Great! The Parish Flag is flying proudly to celebrate the Olympics. To those responsible, a Bronze Medal. St Mary's Church though, where surprizingly, the flag pole stands nakedly pointing the way to Heaven failed to qualify.

Monday 30th Jul

1:21pmPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Having just driven through Wendover and seen their High Street ablaze with Union Jack's and bunting everywhere in celebration of the Olympics, I am ashamed that in Haddenham,apart from one or two houses, there is nothing, even the Parish flagpole stands devoid of its flag. What's wrong with this place?

Tuesday 24th Jul

1:43pmAngelique Bull on Dog Poo
  • Such a beautiful day to be playing outside with Charlie (who has just turned one) but what is not nice is DOG POO!... there we are sat on the grass out the front when I smell dog poo and sure enough there was one right by us... DOG OWNERS PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS POO IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS... DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A CHILD GOING BLIND DUE TO TOXOCARIASES?!

    I have seen people pick up their dogs poo from the grass in front of my house (along the Thame Road, station end) but can you really be sure you have removed every trace?

    I love dogs, I was bought up with Great Danes and Afghans, my older son would love a Jack Russell, but they are a big responsibility and they are your responsibility.

    Editor's comment: For further information, paste this into your browser: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxocariasis

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