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Thursday 2nd Aug

9:26pmPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Splendid! Now that Team GB has our full support, and so they should have, we can expect great results. They're doing very well anyway and we should be very proud of their achievements..

8:32pmS-fly on New Website for Haddenham
  • Great site — thanks!

5:41pmAlan on Olympics
  • Haddenham St Mary's Church is very proud to support our Olympic Team GB.
    The union Jack is now flying from the tower at Church End.

    People need to know that it is not an easy job getting to the top of the tower to put the flag up — we are dependent on the bell ringers who have to climb up above the bells to get access to the top. Many thanks to them.

    We may not qualify, even for a bronze medal but taking part is the most important thing.

Wednesday 1st Aug

8:49amPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Great! The Parish Flag is flying proudly to celebrate the Olympics. To those responsible, a Bronze Medal. St Mary's Church though, where surprizingly, the flag pole stands nakedly pointing the way to Heaven failed to qualify.

Monday 30th Jul

1:21pmPat Rioett on Olympics
  • Having just driven through Wendover and seen their High Street ablaze with Union Jack's and bunting everywhere in celebration of the Olympics, I am ashamed that in Haddenham,apart from one or two houses, there is nothing, even the Parish flagpole stands devoid of its flag. What's wrong with this place?

Tuesday 24th Jul

1:43pmAngelique Bull on Dog Poo
  • Such a beautiful day to be playing outside with Charlie (who has just turned one) but what is not nice is DOG POO!... there we are sat on the grass out the front when I smell dog poo and sure enough there was one right by us... DOG OWNERS PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS POO IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS... DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A CHILD GOING BLIND DUE TO TOXOCARIASES?!

    I have seen people pick up their dogs poo from the grass in front of my house (along the Thame Road, station end) but can you really be sure you have removed every trace?

    I love dogs, I was bought up with Great Danes and Afghans, my older son would love a Jack Russell, but they are a big responsibility and they are your responsibility.

    Editor's comment: For further information, paste this into your browser: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxocariasis

Sunday 22nd Jul

8:27amIvan Nellavanitch on Improving Local Engagement?
  • Cynthia's suggestion is a good one. Almost any way of engaging a broader group of residents with all the fine work that goes on in the background in this village of ours would be a good thing. I do get a little frustrated by those who are quick to moan about local issues, and utter that imortal phrase "why doesn't the Parish Council... (do this or that)?" The quickest and easiest solution would be to take responsibility oneself. Lots of community-centred activities are delivered by volunteers in Haddenham. Clubs and societies depend on such people. The recent litter-pick in the village was a perfect example of local residents getting up off their bottoms and contributing to the life of the village. Excellent stuff! We all prosper as a community through such actions.

Tuesday 17th Jul

12:49pmSusan Wells on Host Families Required - Urgently!
  • HOST FAMILIES URGENTLY REQUIRED for Centre of English Studies (CES) in Wheatley.
    If you have a spare single room, or twin room, and would like to host a foreign language student
    from Tuesday 24th July to 14th August — WE NEED YOU!
    Friendly hosts willing to provide bed, breakfast, evening meal and a packed lunch and conversation!
    £157.50 a week.
    Please call Sue Wells on 07803 835 499 or email: oxfordaccommodation@ces-schools.com

10:18amCynthia Floud on Improving Local Engagement?
  • The level of attendance at this year's Parish Council AGM was rather disappointing. What a wasted opportunity! Did our local residents even know it was being held? How about a new format for next year which would draw us all in? If every village organisation were asked to provide a poster about their activities over the past year, we would all have a reason to go and have a look. If no reports were read out, we would have time to ask more questions. If we were asked for our ideas, the Council would be able to use the imagination of the whole village in planning the future of Haddenham.
    Cynthia Floud

Monday 16th Jul

1:09pmBusybee on Sign posts around the village.
  • We are so fortunate in having such a beautiful village, but alas there are those who wish to disrupt this. This weekend some friends came to visit and were completely confused by the signs.
    This is not the first time they have been vandelised, perhaps they could they be put higher up or with a more permanent fixture.

Wednesday 4th Jul

9:25amColin Jeffrey on Scotgrove Toll House
  • I am looking for information on The Scotgrove Toll House, on the Aylesbury Road, where my Great Great Grandfather lived in 1861 with his wife, who was the toll collector. Can anyone tell me where it was located? Perhaps someone has some pictures? Does it still exist? If not, when was it demolished. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Colin Jeffrey Tel: 01279 814334
    Mob: 07787 528988.

Tuesday 3rd Jul

1:44pmJohn G on Olympic Torch Relay
  • Great news about the journey of the olympic torch. There's quite a bit more information here on the council website here: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/london2012/relay.page

Monday 2nd Jul

10:17pmBusybee on New Website for Haddenham
  • Great website, easy to follow and very informative. Loved the photo gallery well done.

Sunday 1st Jul

8:28pmSarah on New Website for Haddenham
  • As a couple looking to move to Haddenham, or the local area, we have found this resource really useful. It's just interesting to know what's going on and to find out about local groups and resources.

1:17pmPam on New Website for Haddenham
  • Easy to follow and read website giving great details of "What's ON"
    Put it in my "Favourites"
    Well done

Saturday 30th Jun

8:31amNickD on New Website for Haddenham
  • Indeed — very clean looking and the gallery has already raised a smile or two. Good work!

Friday 29th Jun

4:28pmHaddenham Webteam on New Website for Haddenham
  • We have tried to make this new version of Haddenham.net easy to navigate and packed full of useful information. These are early days, and we have lots more exciting things to add — but we welcome feedback from users.

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