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AVDC's Waste Collection Update

by Haddenham Webteam – 16th June 2016
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AVDC has recently reorganised its waste collection arrangements and it appears that there have been some minor hiccups. Here is the latest announcement from the District Council.

AVDC changes to recycling and waste collections since 7 June

Since the changes to our bin collection rounds last week, we are aware that some households may not have their bins collected. This is limited to around 150 from the 73,000 homes we collect from.

In addition, there are some areas this week where we have just not been able to complete a recycling round as the vehicle is at full capacity. When this occurs, we have to leave part of a village with bins unemptied, however incomplete rounds will visited the next day.

These instances are partly due to the drivers rounds changing and some unfamiliar territory for new drivers. In addition, the extra volume of recycling being collected from the households who've had three-weeks between collections this week. We expect these issues to be resolved within the next week, after the new system settles in.

During this busy period, new or replacement bin deliveries are also affected and there is currently a six- week wait.

In the meantime, we are issuing the following advice to residents:

If you have the same day for collections, note we may be collecting at a different time that day, so please wait till after 4pm to report a missed bin.

Please report missed bins on our website, using the link http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/report-missed-bin This ensures we get notification quickly with a full address and postcode.

For those without internet access only please, phone us on our waste helpline 01296 585510, or 01296 585000.

We plan to collect any misses the next day, so residents are asked to leave their bins out.

Note: This does not mean we will go back to collect from those who have forgotten their new bin day and put their bins out on the wrong day.

Actions we are taking:

We are endeavouring to get to any missed bin next day wherever possible. Having accurate address information for missed bins is essential for speedy re-collection.

We are posting news items on our website homepage, alert bar and relevant waste pages to advise those likely to be affected, on a daily basis.

We'll post messages on Facebook and Twitter and would really appreciate our social media followers sharing or retweeting messages to spread the word, wherever relevant.

We'll advise relevant parish clerks in any affected area/s as quickly as we can. We would be grateful if parish clerks could pass on the message via their councillors or other contacts in their parish.

Likewise, we'll advise our members of any affected areas in their ward on a daily basis.

Any queries please contact Amy Bridgford, Operations Manager abridgford@ayleaburyvaledc.gov.uk or the waste helpline recyclingandwaste@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk

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