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Aylesbury Colleage Roundabout

You may like to note that roadworks are taking place on the Oxford Road into Aylesbury (A418) and are now scheduled to be completed, three days earlier than originally anticipated, by 23rd August. We are assured by Bucks County Council that traffic will be actively managed while the work is taking place on remodelling the small roundabout outside Aylesbury College and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.
Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is re-modelling the roundabout outside of Aylesbury College on the Oxford Road, with the work scheduled to start on Monday 5th August. The makeover is planned to last for three weeks. We would be grateful to hear from any Haddenham resident who travels this route on a regular basis, in terms of progress with this project please, so we can post an update. (Please email the editor at:

Following damage caused to the roundabout by vehicles striking it, the roundabout will now receive a full make-over and reconstruction.

A separate safety review of the roundabout has been conducted, and the design of the roundabout reflects the recommendations from this report. The roundabout, in its current raised form, will be removed and three 'bell' bollards will be put back in its place. The bell bollards, made from cast iron, are set in to the roundabout and are much stronger than the current structure, giving greater resilience should they be struck by vehicles in the future. It will also increase visibility for road users at this junction.

As well as re-modelling the roundabout, TfB will also be undertaking other works around the site. Minor patching work will be carried out on the road, road markings will be refreshed, and all signs will be replaced. The illuminated signs within the roundabout itself will be replaced with lights that fit in to sockets placed in the ground, allowing for easy maintenance and replacement in the event of any damage.

Disruption to traffic will be actively managed, and TfB will endeavour to keep any disruption down to a minimum. The work has been scheduled to take place during the school holidays when traffic in this area will be reduced. The work will take place using a 24-hour contraflow system. The bus lane will be suspended, and traffic coming in from the Oxford direction will use this lane during the works. Traffic for the college will follow a diversion from the Aylesbury town direction.

Information boards will be placed on-site prior to the work starting.

Janet Blake, cabinet member for Planning and Transportation said, "This is a great opportunity to not only make the roundabout safer and look more appealing but also to give the surrounding area some attention. This is a great example of getting as much work done in one area under one traffic management arrangement whilst causing the minimum amount of disruption to the road user."