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Bike Security Marking

by Haddenham Webteam – 2nd September 2013
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bike security

A free bike marking session will be held at Halfords in Broadfields, Aylesbury, between 11am and 1pm on Saturday 7th September.

Security marking will be provided for new bikes purchased at Halfords as well as for older bikes that are brought along on the day of the event.

The security marking shows who owns the bike and cannot be erased or removed. It acts as a permanent deterrent to bike thieves because it can be easily checked by police.

If the bike is stolen and then recovered, the police can easily trace the rightful owner and make sure it is returned to them. It also means they can prosecute the person they catch riding the bike for theft or handling stolen goods.

The bike marking event has been organised by Aylesbury Vale District Council's community safety team in partnership with the Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood Team.

Councillor Pam Pearce, AVDC Cabinet Member for Community Matters, said: "Bikes are often very valuable possessions and it can be very upsetting when they are stolen. It is vital to secure any bike which is going to be left unattended – even if the owner is only going to leave it for a short period of time. We are working very closely with the police to remind people to lock up their bikes so we can work together to reduce the number of incidents in Aylesbury Vale."

Top tips for cycle security:

  • Always lock your bicycle wherever you leave it – it only takes seconds to steal an unsecured bike. Make sure it's locked in a well-lit public area with lots of people passing.
  • Only use a good quality D-lock. A poor quality lock at the lower end of the market can be easily sawn through or bolt cropped in seconds. It certainly pays to invest in the best quality lock you can afford (At least £30 -£40).
  • Always lock your bicycle to something immovable, an object a bicycle cannot be lifted over and cannot be broken, cut or removed i.e. chain link fencing, grilles, gates or trees.
  • As many as half of all bicycles are stolen from the owner's home – investing in a ground anchor and attach it securely to a wall or concrete floor.
  • Insure your bicycle on your home contents insurance – don't forget to cover it for thefts away from home.
  • Register your bike on the property database Immobilise. Immobilise helps police identify the owner of lost and stolen property thousands of times each day. The website is: www.immobilise.com
  • Before registering your bicycle on Immobilise.com, take a photograph and record the frame number/key details such as make and model
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