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Haddenham and Witchert WI

It is with great sadness, after 40 years as a WI group, that we have to announce that Haddenham and Witchert WI will have to suspend at our Annual Meeting on Thursday 17th February 2022 if no one comes forward as President.

At present we are an older group of 20 ladies but ideally it would be good if a younger group of friends/acquaintances took it over and formed a new WI group, up to date in this modern digital age of social media, digital information and Zoom/digital meetings.

The WI as a whole is changing and shaking off its perceived fuddy-duddy image to be a vibrant forum for women of all ages to be involved in its core ideals of educating women, and campaigning on women's issues, other topical issues and global problems.

Young women all over the world are seizing the moment to come together in solidarity to promote women. It would be good if Haddenham had such a group in its WI. It is also an easy way to meet new people, make lasting friendships and become involved in the life of the village, especially if you are new to the area.

If you or a group of friends are at all interested then please contact our current president Wendy Walden on 01844-291617, or come to our Annual Meeting in the Walter Rose Room in the Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday 17th February 2022 or we can put you in touch with our Bucks Federation WI Adviser who will give you impartial advice.

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