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Covid-19: For those needing help

by Roderick Floud – 19th March 2020
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To help those who need assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jim Brown, a Parish Councillor, has taken an initiative to establish a volunteers' group. The volunteers will be prepared, within Government guidelines, to shop, walk dogs or do other similar tasks for those in need of help.

Those needing assistance will be able to ask for it via Facebook. The measures will supplement assistance via the Fish scheme and other village networks and will have the full support of the Village Society.

If you need help or would like to volunteer and are a Facebook user, you can volunteer or ask for assistance by signing up to the group: Haddenham Support Network – Isolation Help.

If not, but you would like to volunteer, please let me know via email: roderick.floud@btinternet.com and I will pass on your name to Jim (simply in order to reduce the volume of email to him). I will also keep you in touch with further developments.

If you are isolated at home and need assistance, you can also make use of the ...

Haddenham Parish Council's helpline:

The preferred method of contact is by email due to the limited availability of people to answer phone calls.
Please also note that these contacts are for support with day-to-day living and are *not* emergency contacts.

Email: help@haddenham-bucks-pc.gov.uk
Phone 07760 458079

Those with symptoms of the virus can, of course, access the latest advice via the NHS website

In addition, Dr Howcutt at Haddenham Medical Centre has issued advice to local residents – see here

From Alison Green on behalf of the Fish Scheme

Jeanne Watt and I run the Haddenham Fish Scheme and would be very happy to do what we can to arrange or provide help from our team of DBS checked volunteers for any Haddenham residents.

Contact us as per our website www.haddenhamfishscheme.org or tel Jeanne Watt 291337, Alison Green 292088.

We are in regular contact with many of our current Fish Scheme customers. At the moment most of them do have family and friends or neighbours that they can call on for help. This may well change in the future causing a problem if this network is not able to help because of stricter Government restrictions.

Our concern is for people that we don't know about, who may not have family and friends near enough to help, who may not know their neighbours well enough to ask them for help, or who do not know about the Fish Scheme (there will be some, even though we have been running for over 45 years!)

If you think you might like to join the Fish Scheme or just want to have a chat about this please do ring either myself or Jeanne. The contact numbers once again: Jeanne Watt 291337, Alison Green 292088

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