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Crafts for Children

by Haddenham Webteam – 17th January 2016
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Do you have young children? Alongside meeting the demands of looking after little ones, do you also enjoy getting out and about, and socialising over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake? Then read on:

Craft at the Cafe

Adrienne Ward writes:

"I got the idea for doing craft in cafes when my son was little.

I loved frequenting a good coffee shop with friends, but found it hard to entertain a toddler at the same time, so always brought things for my son to do, be it colouring books or a bit of play dough and some cutters. However, I never did much with my idea as I was too busy with a part-time teaching job.

After a much needed break from 20 years in the teaching world I finally started 'Craft at the Café' back in June, when I helped a friend set up a temporary 'pop up' Café in Bierton.

When that finished, Tracey from 'Tickety Brew' in Haddenham asked if I would run a craft club there. I started in September, running a simple craft activity, messy play and games for under 4s once a week. The idea was that mums and carers could drop their older children off at school and then come to the café for a drink and a natter while I played with their children between 9.15- 10.15am each Thursday during term time for a small fee.

It became so popular that, in November, I started a second club, from 3.30-4.30pm on a Tuesday in 'Tickety Brew' so infant school aged children (aged 4-7 years) could come too.

At the same time Haddenham Junior School found out what I was doing and asked if I could run a club there also.

'Craft in the Café comes to school' started on a Wednesday from 3.30-4.30pm in November at Haddenham Community Junior School. I started with six children there and now have 15 each week (7-11 year olds)!

I am starting a new group in February from 10-11am in 'The Flower Pot' in Long Crendon for little ones which makes four groups in total!

I am really enjoying my new fledging business and the joys of working for myself and helping in the local community.

I have also been volunteering at Haddenham Library for one morning each week for a year, and from February am starting a free class- 'Bounce and Rhyme' for under 5s- singing, action and nursery rhymes as well as stories from 9.30-10am every Friday during term time.

As you can understand it is very exciting starting up all these new ventures as I am keen for them to do well. Thank you to all those who have expressed support and good wishes."

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