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Crime Prevention Update

by Thames Valley Ploice – 24th October 2012
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burglar breaking in

Community Safety Partnership issues warning as nights get longer

The Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership is urging residents to take simple steps to deter burglars from targeting their homes as the winter approaches.

The awareness campaign focuses on providing advice to people on how to stay safe during the run up to winter.

Community safety officers are warning that as the evenings get darker, burglars will be on the prowl for valuables and cash.

Many strike around the festive season as they are aware that homes will be filled with gifts and items on display.

In addition, properties remain in darkness for much longer periods which make them easier to target, especially if there are no obvious signs there is anyone home.

Matt Partridge, Chairman of the Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership, said: "We are determined to raise people's awareness of security and help stop burglary from happening in the first place. Our advice to residents is not to let their home become a target. Protect your home by taking simple steps such as using timers to turn lights and radios on; fitting alarms; making sure homes are locked before going out and keeping valuables out of view."

The Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership has released eight burglary crime prevention tips. The tips are:

  • Make your home appear occupied with a light timer switch. These switches can be set to come on at a specific time when you are still at work and can be used on all sorts of appliances such as lamps and TVs.
  • Lock up your home. Make sure you lock all doors and windows securely, This is especially important with UPVC doors: lift the handle and turn the key.
  • Make sure your shed or garage is secure so entry cannot be gained and your tools used to break in to your home.
  • Property mark your household valuables with a UV pen (mark house number and postcode). You should also property mark tools in your shed or garage.
  • Do not display items in your home. Keep mobile phones, money and keys out of sight and away from entry points in the home. Keys can be hooked through letterboxes so make sure they are stored away securely.
  • If you are going away cancel milk and newspaper deliveries, set your timer switch.
  • If you are out for the evening don't advertise it over social networking sites, you may be promoting your home as a target for thieves.
  • Be vigilant of your neighbours property, if you spot something suspicious call the police on the non-emergency number 101. If you believe a crime is in progress call 999.

Inspector Kelly Glister from Thames Valley Police Aylesbury neighbourhood police teams said: "Aylesbury Vale neighbourhood teams will be supporting the Community Safety Partnership with crime prevention advice. We will be working together on Operation Arctic providing additional police patrols in key areas in Aylesbury. Our aim is to prevent crime, reassure residents and identify houses that look vulnerable to burglary. We will offer crime prevention tips to homeowners advising on how to make burglary more difficult so that we can continue to maintain the low levels of this crime in Aylesbury."

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