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Electric vehicle hire club launch

by Haddenham Webteam – 25th November 2022
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electric vehicle club

I'm delighted to say we'll be officially launching the Haddenham EV Hire Club on Saturday, 3rd December. You'll find our stall outside the Village Hall between 9am and 1pm, to coincide with the monthly Vale Harvest market.

Come down and check out the car and we'll show you how easy it is to book, open and start, all via an app on your phone. You can sign up for free and we'll be happy to answer questions and show you the ropes.

The Hire Club means you only pay for a vehicle when you need it, from an hour up to seven days. Given that the average car in the UK is parked for nearly 96% of the time and costs over £3,500 per year to run, you might be able to slash your driving costs!

Since the pandemic you may have found that you're paying a lot of money to keep a second car on the road. By joining the Hire Club, you could be driving a clean, modern electric vehicle instead, with no tailpipe emissions and no need to worry about tax, annual insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, MOTs, depreciation...

The club is being run by the local vehicle hire firm 3B in collaboration with the Parish Council and Haddenham Village Hall, who have provided the charging facilities and parking space. Zero Carbon Haddenham has also been instrumental in setting up the scheme. The Club is part of the plan to cut transport emissions in the village by 47% by 2030.

Over their whole life cycle, electric cars are responsible for far fewer carbon emissions than their petrol or diesel equivalents. But shared vehicles take the carbon savings to another level, as they have the potential to replace 20 privately owned cars. The result is a huge saving in manufacturing emissions.

Saving money and cutting your carbon footprint, what more could you ask? If you think the Hire Club could work for you, come on down and take a look – you could help kick start Haddenham's electric revolution!

Alan Thawley
Zero Carbon Haddenham & Haddenham Parish Council

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