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Extra Volunteers Please!

by Haddenham Webteam – 2nd December 2021
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After nine months of volunteering as vaccination marshals at Haddenham Pharmacy, the team is in urgent need of some additional volunteers.

Although in theory there are about eighty on the list, for various reasons the marshalling process is increasingly dependent upon about thirty-five. Many volunteers have gone back to work or other commitments have prevented them offering shifts.

In November the volunteer co-ordinator, Martin Andrew, reduced the numbers per shift to just one, which allowed him to stretch his diminished volunteer resources as far as they would go.

However, since the Government has announced an acceleration in the booster jabs and first and second jabs, combined with encouraging people to walk-in, it is clear there is an urgent need to double the number of volunteers per shift to cope.

This is particularly true when two vaccinators are operating, often administering two different vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna.

Having two volunteers per shift seems essential to avoid team burn-out.

So, Martin is asking for further volunteers to add to his dedicated and active corps:

"We find it a most enjoyable way to serve the wider community and it seems likely that the programme will continue until at least the end of February. That will be a full year when most of us expected to finish in late Summer of this year!"

"So the plea is a simple one: please come and help us ensure that the local vaccination programme continues apace – it's the best thing we can do to counter the Covid threat. Volunteer marshals are an essential part of the vaccination programme.

To join the team of volunteers, please contact Martin Andrew on: gmartin.andrew@btinternet.com

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