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'Tyrefighters' Weight Loss Group.

When local resident, David Lindsey, felt it was time to shed some pounds he was less than keen on the idea of joining a fee-paying group to achieve what he believed to be application of common sense.

However, he did recognise the value of being part of a social group of like-minded people who were able to provide help and encouragement to one another.

As well as being well-versed in the relevant theory of weight loss, and having been successful in reducing his own girth, David was confident that others living in and local to Haddenham would appreciate shedding pounds without shedding £££s !

He therefore approached Haddenham Medical Centre with the proposal of running a free-to-participate weight loss programme, based in the Medical Centre.

As David states: "Tyrefighters has been running for nearly two years now, and we've proven that successful weight loss is not rocket science — simply by following a logical set of guidelines, one really can achieve the desired outcomes. I'd like to invite others to join us and share tips, insights and ideas as members of the Haddenham Tyrefighters Weight Loss Group."

"Oh, and by the way — please mention that neither of the photos are of me!"

The Tyrefighters initiative has the enthusiastic blessing of the medical staff and the Practice has been happy to provide a suitable venue.

All the meetings are on Saturday mornings starting at 9.00am sharp, as the sessions must be concluded by 10.30am. Most meetings are listed in the EVENTS section of, but another way of checking is via the Medical Centre's website as the Tyrefighters' meeting will be on the same mornings that the Medical Centre is open for Saturday surgeries — i.e., roughly twice a month.

Membership is totally free and will continue to be so.

The meeting room will be on the ground floor at the opposite end of the reception room to the entrance.

David presents a proven system and all that is required is a degree of commitment and the purchase of one inexpensive item (less than £3) which can be obtained from a well known shop in Aylesbury.

In addition to weight loss Tyrefighters also looks to bring about gentle progress to a measurable improvement in physical fitness. But fear not — there is no gymnastics or jogging involved!

Just come along — you'll be made to feel very welcome.

For more information, please contact David directly (not the Medical Centre, please). His email is: