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FitLife Gym is Nearly Here!

by Haddenham Webteam – 28th June 2016
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The FitLife Gym will soon be opening on the Banks Park site, in the building that formerly housed the Health Centre. Renovations are nearing completion, and we will bring you details of the precise opening date and joining offers in the very near future ... watch this space!

In the meantime, FitLife is looking to recruit staff:

Spin Instructor
Steve and his team are really proud of the spin cave that they are creating at Fitlife. It is hidden away in its own little private section of the new gym facility. They've painted it black, chucked in some seriously cool lighting and fitted one hell of a sound system! Not to mention that gym members will be riding the number one spin bikes on the market. The team is pretty sure it will be one of FitLife's most popular classes.

Now they just need to find the best instructor in the area to match.

Who is the instructor that pushes you further? The one that you look out for when you are booking the class? The one that makes the class fun and exhilarating?
We need to know!

Please share this search, forward the page link onto friends:
or do whatever you need to do to make sure the FitLife team find the best.

If this is you... Please contact steven@fitlife.co.uk

Awesome People for Front of House
FitLife is currently looking for a like minded, enthusiastic, people person to join its exciting new boutique gym.
This role is for front of house and will involve the following:

  • Welcoming current and new members into the facility
  • Operating the membership software
  • Managing booking systems and payments
  • General admin work
  • Making juices, shakes and coffees in the Fuel bar
  • Telephone and Email response

The ideal candidate would have an interest in health and fitness, have a friendly and approachable personality, be confident, energetic and reliable.

FitLife as a brand will represent an impeccable level of service. Too many gyms think that equipment is enough to justify members paying a membership, it isn't. Which is why the team are searching for people who can make a difference to somebody's day.

The role will be approximately 25 hours per week to include some evenings and weekends.
If you believe that you fit this role, and want to be part of the FitLife team, or even know someone who you think would be interested, please email a bio to:


by Thursday 30th June 2016.

Your Bio should include your name, a paragraph about yourself, interests, hobbies and why you want to work at FitLife.

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