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Flooding Concerns?

by Brian Fattorini – 17th September 2018
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haddenham stream route

Does Haddenham Stream pass through or near your property?

Haddenham Stream starts at the north-eastern corner of Haddenham & passes through the centre of the village before exiting towards the south-west. For approximately half of the year it is dry but flooding is known to occur along the route.

The route includes ditches, channels, ponds & culverts passing through many properties, most if not all owners of these properties have riparian responsibilities.

Planning application 17/02280/AOP dated 14th September 2018 for 269 units (an increase of 30) on land to the north of Rosemary Lane proposes carrying flows away from this site and also surface water run-off from fields north of the site into Haddenham Stream.

The route of Haddenham Stream can be viewed in detail on OpenStreetMap:

If you have concerns about this proposal, comments can be made via the AVDC planning portal website:

or in writing (stating planning application 17/02280/AOP) to:

Jason Traves
The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
Aylesbury, Bucks
HP19 8FF

Documents regarding the surface water management are available from the AVDC planning portal, including:

  • Glanville technical note flooding and drainage (glanville_technical_note_flooding_and_drainage-1923795.pdf)
  • Indicative surface water drainage strategy 2 (indicative_surface_water_drainage_strategy_2-1923793.pdf)
  • Indicative surface water drainage strategy (indicative_surface_water_drainage_strategy-1923792.pdf)

It is also worth raising any concerns with the Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) Officer at Buckinghamshire County Council who previously recognised the relevance of local flood events, approximately every 12 years, to this application.

Email: suds@buckscc.gov.uk

or write (stating planning application 17/02280/AOP) to:
SuDS Officer
Buckinghamshire County Council
County Hall
Walton Street
Bucks HP20 1UA.

If you have photographic evidence of flooding related to Haddenham Stream please make copies & include these.

The summer of 2018 was exceptionally long hot & dry. The applicant includes data for groundwater monitoring undertaken across the site with results shown to date for November 2017 to August 2018. Given this long dry spell it is uncertain how much reliability can be given to this data.

See section 3.8 of glanville_technical_note_flooding_and_drainage-1923795.pdf

Please note the AVDC planning website states that the Standard Consultation Expiry Date for this application is Friday 28th September 2018.

Tip: The AVDC planning portal website has a timeout issue. Write your comments elsewhere and paste them into the website. If it does timeout reload the page and start again.

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