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Gifts for the NHS

by Paula Tompkins – 27th October 2021
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Read this then understand why I want to treat NHS Staff in December to some nice Xmasy treats

Please, next time you go shopping buy just one extra thing, drop it into my basket (6 Willis Road) and I will make up some nice bags for them to enjoy...

or sponser me by pledging what you will give instead of money (although I am taking money also) for me to give up the booze for a month...

let them know we do appreciate what they do every day with this little thankyou.

Please share..❤️


Imagine this. You walk onto the floor and you have 25 patients. 25 humans you are responsible for, 25 humans you will have to know everything about. When they eat, if they eat, how much they pee, what colour it is, when their last bowel movement was, what color, shape, and consistency it was, what their blood results look like, their cognitive status, if they have wounds, what meds are due, what are their vitals.

You get to the floor and get report on these 25 people. All not well, some with jobs that need completing. one has bladder scans every six hours and has to catheteriseded if they are over a certain limit, one is on a IV infusion every six hours and frequent monitoring. Five are aggressive and need to be kept away from others. At least one had a fall requiring neuro checks every hour, one is dying with no family at their side.

Then imagine being short-staffed!!

Then imagine the family calling wanting a check up on their family members and complaining when you can't get on the phone right now. Imagine that you are in the middle of cleaning up a patient, alone, when the family calls and can't stop to take the call but will call them as soon as you're done. Imagine your manager reprimanding you for not taking the call as the family is angry and complaining.

Then imagine six of those 25 calling out for pain meds every two hours. some of it is pain seeking, some of it is actual pain from the cancer. then the one that is dying needs pain meds for comfort every hour and just wants someone at their bedside. Oh, and don't forget the high fall risk patients that you have circled around your station so you can keep an eye on them.

Then imagine doing everything you can for all these humans you are responsible for and getting cursed out, talked down to, criticized for not being "fast enough" asked "where were you?" told "I've been on the toilet for 20 minutes?!"

Now imagine also not having a enough HCA's – the backbone of the skilled nursing system! So now, with all of that, you are also trying to help respond to buzzers, bathroom calls, changing patients, turning patients every two hours, getting water, getting snacks, emptying catheter bags, measuring intake and output. Bathing and more changing of patients. Imagine a patient getting upset because you didn't bring them coffee and snacks quick enough and giving meds for comfort to your dying patient.

And now... you have a new admit coming to the floor with a wound vac, needing pain medication that u don't have. Another human. another life for you to take care of.

Now imagine administration always complaining you never do enough, dressings aren't changed on time. tubing isn't labeled correctly, rooms are messy. Charting isn't done, write ups are threatened.

This is Nursing! ❤️

This is why we are burned out.

This is why we are short staffed.

This is why Nurses/HCA's are leaving the profession.

Paula Tompkins
Willis Road

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