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HCJS Development Plan

by Haddenham Webteam – 25th January 2013
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sue roberts

Ever true to her word, Head Teacher Sue Roberts has placed into the public domain her Action Plan for Haddenham Community Junior School.

This follows the recent Ofsted Review of the school, carried out in December 2012, during which revised assessment criteria were applied. (To read more on the background, please click here).

Here's her Action Plan, in Summary:

Haddenham Community Junior School Post Ofsted Plan

Key priorities from most recent Ofsted:

  • Improve the progress of all groups of pupils
  • Ensure work is appropriately pitched and is of a suitable level of challenge
  • Ensure effective monitoring of learning during lessons
  • Ensure pupil progress meetings identify required interventions and monitor their effectiveness
  • Ensure that the school Action Plans focus sharply on improving teaching and learning and achievement and are effectively monitored
  • Ensure that lesson observations focus on effective learning

Theme 1: Accelerating progress
Key Priorities
To secure effective targeted teaching to close gaps in learning
To develop effective use of APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) to inform targets
To ensure effective Differentiation and Challenge

Example Actions:
To carry out focused learning walks to identify areas of strengths and specific issues with targeted teaching and marking
Carry out lesson observation with focus on progress
Literacy Coordinator and Numeracy Coordinator to share good practice with use of APP
Literacy Coordinator and Numeracy Coordinator attend county training on Challenge within their subjects
Staff Meetings on Challenge/Questioning and Differentiation

Theme 2: Teaching and Learning
Key Priorities:

To secure effective feedback marking to ensure pupils understand their next steps in learning and act on them.
To secure effective use of mini-plenaries with resulting adjustments to teaching
To ensure that assessment informs planning through effective use of APP

Example Actions:
Staff meeting on pupil response to next step marking. TA training All staff using mini-plenaries to adjust teaching as required Joint Observations of Maths and action planning with Numeracy Coordinator and County advisor Joint Observations of English and action planning with Literacy Coordinator and County advisor Joint Observations with Headteacher and County Advisor

Theme 3: Leadership and Management
Key Priorities:

Documentation for monitoring is reviewed to ensure it reflects school priorities
Maths and Literacy leaders to take more responsibility for the teaching of their subjects

Example Actions:
Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators develop proforma for work scrutinies which reflect development plan priorities
Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators and other SLT members continue to carry out termly work scrutinies
Numeracy Coordinator reiterates principles of APP in maths
Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators observe lessons and feedback to staff Pupil interviews with HT – Jan and July, using same questions as evidence of impact
Progress of target pupils monitored termly

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