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Health Centre Reunion

by Haddenham Webteam – 27th February 2023
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Long term residents of Haddenham will, of course, remember the original Haddenham Health Centre, housed in the building next to the library on the corner of Churchway and Banks Road, and now providing a home for the FitLife gym.

Our GPs in those days included Drs Jonathan Sadler, Hugh Stradling, Robin Wilson and Alison Vickers, and the Practice Manager was Pam Bright.

Your current website editor enjoyed a close working relationship with all the Health Centre staff in the 1980s and 1990s, as part of the original Patient Participation Group that was founded by the late John Landon. Some residents may recall the "Haddenham Health News" that was published quarterly for many years, as a vehicle for important GP Practice communications and other health-related matters.

On Saturday 25th February a large group of former Health Centre colleagues, together with their partners, met together for a grand staff reunion.

Among those present were:

Robin Wilson
Jonathan and Rosalie Sadler
Hugh and Trica Stradling
Alison Vickers

Practice Manager
Pam Bright and Eddie

District Nurses and partners 
Val Bland and Jim
Sarah Jones and Phillip
Tessa Mannering and Ian
Anne Mckellar and Lawson
Ann Turner and Harry
Phillipa Jones and Hubby
Margaret Allen and Chris
Annette Ratclif
Caroline Sandalls

Health Visitors 
Nikki Mathews and partner 
Glenda Young

Practice Nurses 
Jo Green and Barry
Lynda Haggi

Dawn and Dave Anstead
Viv and Ben Higgs
Judy Akerman
Jan Bigwood and Steve
Shelia and Reg Moss

Click on the image to see an expanded view.

How many folk can you can pick out in the photograph?

Should be easy – no-one looks a day older!

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