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HHS Spring Show Results

by Gayton Jordan – 6th May 2022
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After having had to cancel the Haddenham Horticultural Society's Spring Show and Plant Sale for the past two years, we were delighted to be able to stage it in its usual format in the Village Hall this year (in 2020 we had nothing and in 2021 just an outdoor plant sale).

Although there were probably fewer visitors than there would normally have been and the number of people exhibiting in the Show classes was a little down (this is always somewhat dependent on the weather leading up to the Show, since several classes are for various spring flowers), the event was very successful.

Thanks to the amazing and very greatly appreciated generosity of HHS members and friends, the various stalls, particularly the plants, books and "White Elephant", had so many donations that we were unable to sell them all in the time available; some have been moved on to be sold for various local charities, whilst the plant sale has been continued in Gibson Lane.

We were very pleased with the overall financial total, as the main point of the "sale" part of the event is to raise funds for our other events during the year, particularly our Autumn Show, but we also seek to make both our shows village events to be enjoyed by all and a number of people mentioned how nice it was to be able to socialise with those they might not have seen for quite a while.

As always, as well as thanking everyone who donated items to sell, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those volunteers who helped us setting up the Show and running the various stalls.

Grateful thanks also to Ian Jones for capturing photos of some of the exhibits – more images are featured in the Galleries section of this website.


The Bob Hutchings Cup for the most points gained in the flower classes (classes A to O) was won by Christine Wheeler-Cherry (she actually tied on points with Jeanne Marshall, but won the trophy on the countback rule as she had more first prizes), and Christine also won the £15 garden voucher for the exhibitor gaining most points across all the Show classes. Jeanne Marshall won the £10 voucher and Cherry Waller the £5.

The Ken Lane Memorial Trophy for the most points gained in the floral art classes was won by Cherry Waller.

The results from the individual show classes are as follows – I have only listed the class winner in each case, but if you want a note of those who were placed do let Gay Jordan know.

Class A 3 flowering stems of Tulip, one variety: Sue Heath

Class B 3 flowering stems of Tulip, more than one variety: Jeanne Marshall

Class C 3 flowering stems of Narcissus or Daffodil, one variety: Claire Risdale

Class D 3 flowering stems of Narcissus or Daffodil, more than one variety: Jeanne Marshall

Class E 3 stems of any other bulb or corm flower: Sue Heath

Class F 3 stems Polyanthus, one or more varieties: Christine Wheeler-Cherry

Class G 3 stems Pansies or Violas: Christine Wheeler-Cherry

Class H An alpine, in flower: Gay Jordan

Class I An alpine, foliage: no entries

Class J A cactus or succulent: Joyce Riley

Class K A Pot Plant, in flower, not more than 23cm diameter pot: Claire Risdale

Class L A Pot Plant, foliage, not more than 23cm diameter pot: Cherry Waller

Class M 3 stems Shrubs/Trees, flowering, one or more kinds, not to exceed 70 cm overall, including container:
Christine Wheeler-Cherry

Class N 3 stems Shrubs/Trees, foliage, one or more kinds, not to exceed 70 cm overall, including container:
Jeanne Marshall

Class O 3 stems any other flower not listed in Classes A to N: Christine Wheeler-Cherry

Class P "SPRINGWATCH". An exhibit using natural plant material. Accessories permitted. (In niche
approximately 61 cm wide, 45 cm deep and 79 cm high.): Cherry Waller

Class Q "RED, WHITE OR ROSE?" Arrangement of natural plant material in a wine glass, not to exceed 40cm in
any direction. No accessories: Cherry Waller

Class R "A SPRING POSY" A tied or wired posy of spring flowers and foliage, not to exceed 22cm in any
direction: Cherry Waller

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