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HYFC Reaches Out Worldwide

by Haddenham Webteam – 20th October 2016
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In 2010, Haddenham resident Sally Corfe visited Cambodia for the first time where she worked with a small Christian organisation called Kone Kmeng, based in the capital city Phnom Penh, "Equipping churches in Cambodia responding to the needs of children at risk in their communities."

Sally's love grew for Cambodia and its suffering people. The desire to 'Do Something' echoed loudly and clearly in her mind, and did not get lessen over time. Sally met with Claire Lacey (of Bristol), who had also worked with Kone Kmeng over lunch one day, where they reminisced and shared the thoughts created by the demands of their common love for Cambodia. Responding to those demands, Philippa, Claire and Sally set up a UK based Christian charity to support the work of Kone Kmeng and other similar groups and individuals working to enable Cambodian men, women and children to live lives of 'Dignity and Hope'.

How They Work
'We partner with small Christian organisations and individuals, raising money to support their work, networking on their behalf to promote their aims and ideals, and raising awareness of their needs, work and outcomes.
DHF Cambodia is a Christian organisation actively supporting our partners in prayer.'

Gifts From HYFC
Through the 'Dignity and Hope Foundation' Haddenham Youth FC have made use of some of their old football shirts and footballs.

Sally Corfe handed out the shirts to the team Lion FC and they wore their new kit for the first time when they played a friendly match against a team near to their village on Saturday 15th October 2016.

The following was posted on Facebook by Sophia Meas :-

Thank #Haddenham_Youth_FC for sent your love as the gift of football materials through Sally Corfe. It a blessing for our #Lion_FC. We wish to see you visit us and have football match with each other.  God bless you!

Buguruni School for the Deaf, Tanzania
A group of students and some staff from 'Mary Hare School for the Deaf' in Newbury are volunteering at a school for the deaf in Tanzania this October Half Term.

Buguruni School for the Deaf is in the Buguruni District to the west of the city on the road to the airport. The school was founded in 1973 by the Tanzania Society for the Deaf and officially opened in 1974 by Mwalimu Nyerere, Tanzania's revered first president. It charges no fees, although it is not officially a state run school. The Government pay for teachers' salaries, the costs for pupils who board and a small proportion of administration and maintenance costs. For everything else, it is dependent upon fundraising locally and in the UK via TANZAN ear and charities associated with Tanzanear.

Haddenham Youth Football Club has donated some its old football shirts, footballs and some equipment to the school through its connections with Mary Hare School for the Deaf to help Buguruni School begin the process of starting up a football team to join the local league within the district.

Pictures of this new venture will follow shortly, along with reports of the progress of both new HYFC teams from around the globe.

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