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Energy Efficiency in Haddenham_Square

The Haddenham Village Society's most recent meeting was held on Wednesday 12th January, at 8pm, via Zoom.

Following the brief 'business' elements of the AGM, the meeting continued with engaging and practical presentations on achieving greater energy efficiency in our homes.

One presentation, by Cllr Nick Kidby, dealt with Parish Council climate change activities, including home insulation, heating and related matters.

The second presentation, by representatives of Sustain Homes, explained the practicalities and costs of air source heat pumps and solar panels, and the contribution they can make to our efforts to minimise climate change.

Catch-up Recording

If you were unable to participate in this meeting, a recording is available by request from: roderick.floud@icloud.com

The AGM concludes at 10 minutes into the recording for anyone wishing to 'fast-forward' to the beginning of the energy efficiency presentations.

The Sustain Homes presentation on Heat Pumps and Solar Panels begins at 34 minutes into the recording.

This recording is provided by the Village Society as a service to Haddenham residents. We welcome new members (£25 for a family for five years) so that we can continue to offer services such as this. See the HVS website for more details

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