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Latest on the Feast Festival

by Heather Hunter – 7th September 2020
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The Feast Festival continues online. The online Competition entries have been coming in apace. The online Visual Arts Exhibition will be up online from 14th September. Thank you everyone who participated. The winners of the competitions will be announced over the Feast Festival weekend.

Our other events are moving online as well.

Due to Covid considerations, the Giant Parade will no longer be taking place as planned but we are taking an alternative approach. Please keep making those giants and be prepared to show them to the public by displaying them in front gardens from 17th September until 21st September. Let us know before 17th September on thefeastfest@gmail.com where they will be and a member of our team will come and photograph them and put them up on line.

The Music continues as well. The Jazz in the Orchard event will be videoed without an audience and will be available on Haddenham Feast Festival you tube. We hope to start streaming the music from 18th September and the audio version on Red Kite radio to be confirmed. Why not settle down at home with your picnic and watch or listen. All timings to be confirmed on thefeastfest Facebook page.

Many thanks to all our supporters, we are still here this year and will emerge next year even bigger.


ORIGINAL POST – 07 September 2020:

Thank you all for the entries to the Feast Festival Competitions. There is still time for more, 10th September is the deadline for all Competitions and Visual Art Exhibition entries. Visit http://www.feastfestival.org.uk for details.

Did you enjoy the Jazz in the Community Orchard last year?
It's coming again: Jazz Picnic at the Orchard on Friday 18th September from 5pm.

Chill at the end of the week with a picnic in the orchard and listen to live Jazz music. Free to attend, but, the event is compliant with Government Covid-19 rules and so entry by tickets only to help us manage safe distancing. Still a few tickets left, available here

Are you coming to the Feast Festival Parade?

Create and march with Giants big and small, we will set off from Church End Green at 4pm, Saturday 19th September. We are all emerging as giants from the covid19 crisis. Please do not come early.

Let your creative side run wild as you dream up a way to think big and create or represent an emerging giant.

We have the Sol Samba marching band to accompany our giant "Hadder" to celebrate everything that makes our community great. We will be going up Churchway, along Willis Road, into the playing fields and then dispersing promptly.

The Parade will be conducted within strict covid-19 rules, with contact details taken at the start, only a drumming band (no singing, no whistles) and marshals to ensure we all stay safe and that you keep within your family bubble, a strict distance apart. To help with our Covid-19 plan please let us know if you are intending to be there and if you will bring a Giant with you. Email: thefeastfest@gmail.com or phone Greg on 07415610644.

If you feel you cannot be part of the Parade we understand but we would love you to make a Giant anyway and display it so it can be seen by everyone between 17th and 20th September. Let us know where your Giant can be seen on thefeastfest@gmail.com and we will photograph your creation and put it online.

Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors.

Heather Hunter

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