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Library Celebrates 10 Years

by Haddenham Webteam – 19th October 2023
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It is 10 years since the community took over responsibility from the Council for running the library in Haddenham.

To celebrate this important milestone, the Trustees threw a sellout birthday party on Wednesday 18th October – with a difference!

The multi-award-winning bestselling author Clare Mackintosh, who grew up in Haddenham, and local resident Claire Wilson, an award-winning literary agent, were the invited guests. They spoke to a capacity audience about their love of books and what makes a best seller. As crime novels are the most popularly issued books in the library what better title for the event could there be other than '"Cocktails and Crime at a Birthday Party! "

In March 2024 Clare is publishing a book about living with grief entitled 'I promise it won't always hurt like this : 18 promises for grief'.

In 2006 Clare's son died in infancy and is buried in St Mary's Churchyard. A neighbour bought her a bunch of daffodils and promised her it wouldn't always hurt this much. It didn't get better, but it did get easier, and Clare grows daffodils as a way of remembering her son. She invited anyone who wanted to remember a loved one who has died to contact her through her social media channels, and she planted a bulb on 18th October in their memory.

In the afternoon on 18th October, a band of local volunteers helped Clare Mackintosh plant hundreds of daffodil bulbs outside the Haddenham Library.

Clare grew up in Haddenham and as a child explored her love of books in the library. She accepted an invitation from the library to choose us as the best location for the planting.

The library is delighted to be able to help and when the daffodils bloom next spring the community can enjoy a stunning display and precious memories.

You can find Claire on Facebook as ClareMackWrites

Our thanks to Carol Mason for taking photographs of the anniversary celebrations. There are more to enjoy in the Galleries section of this website.

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