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by BBC News – 27th October 2023
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Haddenham author plants 500 daffodils for lost loved ones

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A bestselling crime novelist has planted 500 daffodils in memory of lost loved ones.

Clare Mackintosh, who grew up in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, was bought the flowers by a neighbour after her son, Alex, died in 2006.

She continued growing daffodils in his memory and this year asked her social media followers if they would like her to plant one for their relatives.

An overwhelming response meant entry numbers were capped at 500.

Each one has been planted by the I Let You Go author, alongside a team of volunteers, outside Haddenham Library.
Clare Mackintosh planting bulbsImage source, Clare Mackinosh
Image caption,
Clare Mackintosh is currently working on a book about grief entitled I Promise it Won't Always Hurt Like This

As the former Thames Valley Police officer planted the flowers, she read a selection of messages sent by people's loved ones.

One bulb was planted in memory of a 93-year-old, another for a 6-week-old child.

Ms Mackintosh said she found comfort in planting the daffodils as they were "like a promise of hope, ready to bloom in the spring".

"Gathering as a group to plant daffodil bulbs in memory of loved ones was a wonderful reminder that we're never truly alone," she said.

The daffodils are expected to bloom in the spring.

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