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Local Family's Immigration Challenges

by Haddenham Webteam – 28th April 2018
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HStM School is in close contact with the family of a pupil who are at imminent risk of having to leave the UK under new immigration laws.

They have been here for 10 years and live in Haddenham. They have two young children.

Their right to work has been taken away and they have no income while they try to fight their case. Time and money is running out.

Various individuals (including the man's former boss, before his right to work was taken away) have already written to John Bercow MP and many residents are doing all they can to assist.

If you have a Facebook account you can follow some of the responses on the Haddenham.net FB page.

The family's biggest challenge is that they are simply running out of funds – to eat and maintain basic needs.

Please consider making a donation to a newly established fund-raising page.

(NB: You can enter a 'zero' tip if you so choose – that will make sense when you visit the giving page).

Here's the link:


This from Karin Norlén, a close neighbour of the family:

"Dear friends, I would be grateful if you could spare a moment to read this.

The family this concerns are close friends of ours and are going through a nightmare at the moment due to the "hostile environment" created by the Home Office. The reason is so trivial that the idea to refuse them a visa has shocked our entire community.

The family have already paid £6000 for their ILR visa, which seems to have been refused for no other reason than a confusion over two accounting periods – for the first visa which was granted in 2012 the father provided details of income and expenses for Jan-Dec which was requested by the Home Office at the time, but for the current application, the Home Office received details for the 2011-12 tax year from the HMRC, which due to self-employment were (obviously as it was april-april!) not identical to the figures from Jan-Dec.

This tiny detail seems to be enough for the a whole family to lose their right to live here, after working here for a decade, with no right to appeal apart from taking the Home Office to court!

They have two young children, have had no income since the middle of March and being called by the home office removal team on a weekly basis asking them when they are leaving. Please consider making a donation in order to help us keep them in our community.

They are a much-loved family and we are doing everything we can to keep them here."

Here's the link once again:


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