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In case you were unaware, each local area in Buckinghamshire has a Local Area Forum (LAF) which includes representatives from the county, district and parish councils, as well as partner organisations like the police and community associations. The LAF can influence decisions about how money is spent locally, how services are delivered locally, and has some funding available to spend on meeting local priorities.

Local Policing Report

At the most recent Local Area Forum held on Wednesday 9th November, we were told that there is an ongoing review of our policing area, looking at populations and numbers of police. The good news is that there will still be a Neighbourhood policing department at Waddesdon and we are keeping our two PCSOs, Sue Jones and Denise Grayburn.

There is a possibility that we will be able to use a Sentinel machine for recording road vehicle speeds and registration numbers. This is manned by volunteers and drivers detected as speeding will get a letter with some advice and telling them that their speeding has been recorded. At the moment there is one at Waddesdon police station but one may be purchased by our local parishes.

There has been hare coursing at Oakley airfield, but no convictions as it is difficult to get number plates for identification.

There has been some rural crime including equipment being stolen from a van, unfortunately the items were uninsured.

Probably related to the clock change and darker nights, there has been a slight increase in shed and house break-ins. Try to make your house look occupied when you are away by having lights on timers.

Parking Issues in Haddenham
As we all know, roadside car parking is causing enormous problems near the station. This matter was raised at the LAF and the police mentioned that, having looked at number plates, many of the cars parked are those belonging to Haddenham residents!

The Arriva bus service is having lots of problems getting buses through and are considering stopping the service through Haddenham. Instead, buses travelling between Thame and Aylesbury would take the A418. So if you are one of the people creating dangerous road conditions near the station, then please consider others and walk if you don't want to pay the parking costs. We don't want to lose our bus service!

Bucks County Council is looking into the feedback collected by the recent parking survey in relation to roadside parking problems near the stationed it is hoped that a suitable solution will be identified and implemented soon.