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Mummers' Charity Night

by Haddenham Webteam – 14th February 2024
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The Haddenham Mummers held their annual awards night on 3rd February in The Rising Sun pub.

The Mummers continue to be an important part of the village's Christmas celebrations and their combination of historical drama, ad hoc humour and beer drinking (!) is a welcome relief to what is sometimes a serious world.

The generosity of their audiences continues to surprise and last year's total exceeded £2,000. As Tim Chowns said: "Not bad for seven of us having a few beers and a few laughs".

While the cast receive the glory, the Mummers cannot survive with the support of others: Motts Coaches, Haddenham Beer Festival and the terrific pubs we have in Haddenham and the local area, not to mention everyone who watched the play.

This generosity allowed the Mummers to make donations of £500 to each of the following good causes:

  • Haddenham Community Library
  • Helen and Douglas House
  • M.P.S.

Smaller donations were given to:

  • Cancer Research
  • Haddenham Museum
  • Red Kite Radio and
  • Haddenham.net

All great charities or local service providers whose sole aim is to make the lives of others better.

In addition to the fundraising, local character Pete Summerskill was inducted into the Haddenham Mummers Hall of Fame which can be found in The Rising Sun. The Hall of Fame celebrates the contributions of Haddenham's greatest Mummers and can be viewed at any time the pub is open. Pete was the Turkish Knight from 1990 to 2013 and to many he will always be the biggest and best Turkish Knight in the long and varied history of the amazing Haddenham Mummers.

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