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New Security Measures

by David Truesdale – 8th October 2022
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cctv monitoring

There are many reasons why Haddenham is such a desirable place to live, its sense of community is strong, people look out for one another, and it is in a low-crime area.

In any community there are always those who don't respect the place and people around them and their behaviour will be a nuisance to others.

Over recent months we have experienced a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour in our public places, setting fire to rubbish bins, graffiti, damage to play areas, and attempted break-ins.

At the Parish Council meeting on Monday 3rd October it was agreed to trial a CCTV based security service.

We have signed up with Crimewave for a year to test their mobile CCTV service which involves setting up CCTV designed specifically for the area of use, and will be moved around.

This means we will be able to monitor any area of the village where there is ongoing anti-social behaviour but without the expense of purchasing multiple CCTV cameras.

Crimewave will liaise with the local police to identify the most appropriate locations and will monitor the footage. If a crime is captured on the CCTV they will prepare a report including the captured images that can be used in a prosecution if necessary. The system is fully GDPR compliant and will be up and running shortly.

David Truesdale
Chairman, Haddenham Parish Council

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