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The latest local planning application submitted by Rectory Homes has been met with considerable opposition from Haddenham residents and representative groups.

Those living in Fairfield Close, the relatively recently built Rectory development close to the Garden Centre on the East side of Standbridge Road, have been particularly critical of the latest plans.

They have pointed out that a primary access route to the proposed new development would be through Fairfield Close and would thus turn their "close" into a major thoroughfare, "with up to 400 additional vehicle movements every day".

Residents have emphasised that Fairfield Close has a relatively dense housing layout with modest road widths and inconsistent 'stop-start' footpath runs. The newly proposed Rectory development would, they argue, create serious problems for traffic movements as well as leading to significantly greater dangers for pedestrians. Drivers exiting onto Standbridge Road also have to cope with very poor lines of sight onto that busy road.

They have also argued that a second access route via Lower Road would increase traffic movements into Haddenham via an already hazardous entry point at the crossroads of Stanbridge Road with Woodways. There is a long history of traffic collisions at these crossroads — indeed, two accidents occured in January 2024 alone.

Both the parish council and Haddenham Village Society have serious concerns over the Rectory planning application and are in the process of submitting detailed objections to Buckinghamshire Planning Authorities.

Residents are being encouraged to submit their own comments to Bucks Planners. You can do so here

It's worth noting that the Bucks Council website can be a bit flakey, especially when accessed via a smartphone. If all else fails, google search for 'Bucks Planning Applications' and when on that webpage, click on the 'Aylesbury Vale' option and search on this planning reference: 23/04009/AOP

Those wishing to understand residents' concerns in more detail can do so by clicking on the attached PDFs which reflect the objections raised by the residents of Fairfield Close, the parish council and Haddenham Village Society.

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