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Covid vaccinations are commencing at JMW Vicary pharmacy in Haddenham from Friday 5th March 2021

Organisers and coordinators of the parking arrangments for those taking the opportunity to have their Covid vaccinations at the Haddenham pharmacy would like to make it clear that only TWO disabled spaces are available on site.

The vast majority of parking will therefore be at Bradmoor Farm, with a modest walk down Stanbridge Road to the pharmacy.

Haddenham residents will be perfectly familiar with the route to and from Bardmoor Farm, but many of those coming for their vaccination at the Haddenham pharmacy will be from outside the village and potentially unsure of the local geography.

If you know of anyone travelling from outside the village to receive their jab at the Haddenham pharmacy, please could you make them aware of this information, drawing their attention to the maps featured on this page (kindly prepared by Alison Green). Click on either image to see an enlarged version.

Printable versions are available by clicking on the PDF on this page.

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