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Residents of Sheerstock have long suffered serious roadside parking problems caused by rail commuters who seek to avoid car parking charges at the station. There have also been suggestions that some additional roadside congestion has resulted from vehicles belonging to employees of businesses based on Thame Road. The problem has been escalating in recent months, with roads on the new Chilworth Gate area being used as a free car parking facility, and most recently some extremely selfish and potentially dangerous parking has been occurring on Thame Road itself — causing buses to 'double park' in order to allow passengers to alight or board.

The problem is not easily solved, as there is a risk that parking restrictions close to the station would simply "move the problem" to other, more distant roads further down Thame Road.

However, moves are at last underway to find a suitable and sustainable solution, and Bucks County Council is inviting local Haddenham residents and those associated with Haddenham-based businesses to respond to a survey which explore possible options.

Here is the invitation from Transport for Bucks:

Dear Resident or Business Occupier

Possible introduction of waiting restrictions to regulate parking consultation, Haddenham

Several complaints have been received from residents in recent years about the difficulties they experience in finding a parking space near where they live or moving around on the road network due to inconsiderate parking.

In May 2015 the parish council carried out local consultation in the worst affected area which showed a majority view that there was a parking problem with opinion divided on an appropriate solution.

Local Area Forum funding has been secured this year for consultation and development of appropriate parking measures and a partnership funding with Chiltern Railways for the implementation works.

We are carrying out this consultation by writing to every household and business within the study area (see map on the website) in order to obtain your views on the extent of the parking problem and the likely support for the introduction of waiting, loading or parking restrictions on their road. The views expressed by local residents and businesses, whilst an important factor, will be considered along with all relevant traffic management and other highway factors, when arriving at a decision about the merits of introducing a scheme and how it should operate.

Information on the consultation, the options open to you, the advantages, disadvantages and costs along with other frequently asked questions can be found on our website here.

You will also find the online questionnaire on the same website. You can view the relevant map by clicking on the PDF located beneath the images on this page. Likewise, the associated notes are can also be viewed as a PDF. Alternatively, you can look at the consultation documents at the parish council offices from Monday to Friday between 08:30am and 12:30pm and where you can fill in a paper questionnaire.

It is important that we receive your views even if you do not own a vehicle as parking controls would potentially affect your visitors and we wish to base any recommendations on a healthy response rate. Residents or businesses that do not respond will be considered as having no opinion.

Please respond to the consultation by Friday 4th November 2016.