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Parking Update from TfB

by Haddenham Webteam – 3rd March 2017
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Today (Friday 3rd March) we received the following statement from Sian Thomas on behalf of Transport for Buckinghamshire

Thame Road Parking problems – Haddenham Station

This scheme began as a localised parking issue in Sheerstock only, receiving a budget from the Local Area Forum to allow Transport for Buckinghamshire to carry out a consultation and some preliminary design/administration work.

It soon became apparent that parking issues were also being experienced as a result of commuter parking in the vicinity of the station and a decision was taken to undertake a wider opinion survey, in order to consider the area wide parking problems. This approach enables a more robust area wide parking plan to be implemented, as opposed to tackling smaller areas which could result in further issues when commuter parking starts to migrate.

This survey was undertaken towards the end of 2016 and resulted in 400 responses of which 200 relate to Thame Road.

The feedback has now been analysed and a recommendation is being made to implement the following measures:

Thame Road – a new section of clearway starting at the railway station and extending to the junction with Station Road. Double yellow lines between the station and Wykeham Way.

Pegasus Way – an extension of the existing clearway up to the A418 roundabout.

Sheerstock and Wykeham Way – Double yellow lines around junctions with some passing places in between. These measures are being promoted as an experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO) in order that the outcome can be monitored and any necessary adjustments made, prior to the Order being made permanent.

I understand local disappointment that the initial indicative timeframe of February has not been met, but as previously mentioned, this was always subject to change due to a number of factors.

The legal process that has to be followed is set down in primary legislation which all authorities have to follow. Work is now being undertaken to gain the necessary approval and complete this legal process, in order that the signs and road markings can be installed.

We are currently also requesting quotations and programme dates from our supply chain partners and once known, we will provide you with an update as to when the work will be carried out.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience in this matter.

Sian Thomas
Transport for Buckinghamshire

Editors note:
I have been asked to remove the contact details published on this website for both Adrian Lane and Alistair Turk.
"Receiving so many customer queries about the same subject has resulted in both officers having to spend much time responding to these queries and is having a detrimental effect on the progress of the next stages of work."
I have complied with this request.

For information: The parking manager's contact details are in the public domain: see here

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