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Personal Health Challenge

by Haddenham Webteam – 29th December 2015
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The New Year is now upon us – a time when many of us re-evaluate our lifestyle choices and re-set our goals and ambitions for the future.

Taking personal responsibility for our own health and fitness is a common theme and not just in January – membership of gyms, fitness clubs, Jazzercise, Zumba classes and boot camps are at an all-time high and weight loss groups are attracting large memberships (pun intended!) This positive trend seems likely to continue as we respond rationally to the sight of NHS resources straining at the seams, trying to cope with lifestyle-induced ill-health among the UK population.

The latest advances in technology are acting as an additional catalyst, with individuals acquiring wrist bands and other miniature electronic monitoring devices to record their personal levels of exercise, heart rate, sleep quality and various other physiological markers of health.

National media of all forms carry warnings over the health consequences of being over-weight, and encourage us all to be more mindful of the information on food labels, so that we can make good dietary choices to reduce our intake of salt and sugar.

January is also a time when many smokers look to kick the habit once and for all, and there are now many ways of gaining support for this endeavour – for example, see here and here.

For others, here's another potential health step to consider ...

After the New Year's Eve bash, why not go alcohol free for one calendar month?

There are lots of good reasons to embrace this challenge, and very good clinical evidence to indicate that it will provide meaningful gains in terms of your health – and your bank balance might recover from Christmas expenditure a little more speedily too!

If you shudder at the thought of having to stick with coke, J20 or tonic water for 31 days, here are some new ideas about non-alcoholic drinks that may cheer you up.

And if you've tried and rejected zero-alcohol beers in the past (and some are truly dreadful!), 'Bavaria Premium Original' seems to be gaining a popular following and is available in the bigger supermarkets. Served cold, it provides a pleasant, refreshing drink.

After one month your physical health will have gained significant benefits, and you may just decide to tweak you relationship with alcohol in the future.

So, if you're up for the challenge, here's a good starting place – click here.

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