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Planning Enforcement vs Redrow

by Haddenham Webteam – 14th February 2023
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Many Haddenham residents were shocked to see the unearthing of the roadside hedgerow, the erection of crude industrial-style fencing and rapid on-site development, by Redrow, of land west of Churchway and north of Rosemary Lane (plot HAD007).

Residents of The Clays and Rosemary Lane have also observed with alarm the apparent flooding issues on that site and the resulting damage to the Wychert Wall that previously marked the village's Northern boundary.

All of this appeared to have taken place before formal planning permissions had been granted and attempts by local residents and others to call Redrow to account appear to have been met by a response that might be regarded by some as a display of indifference bordering on corporate arrogance by Redrow.

However, your editor is delighted to note that Buckinghamshire Council's Planning Department has now intervened and issued an enforcement notice on Redrow.

The formal reasons quoted are as follows:

Without planning permission, the undertaking of operational development and engineering works consisting of:

  • the partial construction of buildings and creation of footings and;
  • ground works and engineering operations comprising of the formation of trenches, storage of soils and aggregates, creation of bunds and mounds and excavations to create an attenuation pond

The actions Bucks Council now require of Redrow are:

1. Permanently remove all building supplies and materials from the Land including, but not limited to, bricks, pipes, insulation, water butts, steels, temporary fencing, concrete drainage pipes, pallets, Kerb stones, aggregates and builder's waste.

2. Permanently demolish all partially constructed buildings and remove all materials used in construction from the Land.

3. Remove earth mound shown in the approximate position cross hatched in black on the attached plan by either;

a) using the material to backfill holes, voids and ponds or;

b) permanently removing from the Land.

4. Backfill with soil, the attenuation pond

5. Permanently remove the concrete poured in the footings and backfill all voids created in complying with this step, with soil.

6. Backfill all trenches, holes and footings with soil.

7. Permanently remove all utilities and services from the Land.

8. Permanently remove (demolish) all hardstanding from the Land.

9. Permanently remove all temporary buildings and storage containers from the Land.

10. Permanently remove tarmacked roads.

11. Permanently remove access points shown with black 'X's on the attached plan and re- instate hedgerow and boundary treatments.

12. Restore the Land to a condition suitable for agricultural use including reinstatement of original ground levels and the laying of topsoil.

13. Permanently remove all materials and debris arising from compliance with steps 1-12 above, from the Land.

Potentail Celebrations Would be Premature

Before some Haddenham residents get too excited, there is little doubt that Redrow will appeal this decision by Buckinghamshire Council. But it is pleasing to see that Bucks Council's Planning Department has been moved to intervene rather than allow a development to proceed ahead of formal planning approval.

Redrow has until 1st April to lodge an appeal. Unless they do so, the actions listed above must be completed within 6 months of that date.

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