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Please Stop Writing!

by Haddenham Webteam – 1st March 2017
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We recently published the latest missive from Transport for Bucks (TfB) which sought to outline "progress" with the project to paint yellow lines and erect 'Clearway' signage along Thame Road.

This item has resulted in a great deal of discussion on the Haddenham.net Facebook page, particularly among local residents who are frustrated by the gridlock that occurs at peak commuter times near the railway station, and their fears that there will be a serious road traffic accident if roadside parking is allowed to continue along Thame Road from the bridge into the village.

The article detailing the communication from TfB project manager, Adrian Lane, included his contact details and it seems that he has been receiving a significant number of emails from Haddenham residents wanting to detail the road safety risks caused by selfish and anti-social roadside parking by rail commuters and the resulting need for vehicles to pass in both directions through a single road width.

On Wednesday afternoon, 1st March, your website editor received a telephone call from Sian Thomas, Adrian's line manager, requesting that further communications to the TfB project manager should stop.

It seems that, in addressing and responding to all the correspondence, Adrian is being distracted from performing his primary responsibilities on behalf of the County Council (insert you own preferred emoticon here ......!).

According to Ms Thomas, the delays in completing Phase 1 of the traffic management project have been caused by weather conditions slowing up other projects and difficulties in obtaining quotations for carrying out the work from contractors.

"As the end of the financial year draws closer, there is increased pressure for some public bodies to seek to spend their budgets, and this puts pressure on our own supply chain" noted Sian Thomas. "This means that contractors come under increased pressure, both for the workload in hand and in terms of providing quotations for new work."

"I am unable to give a clear date for the Haddenham project at the present time. The urgency verses other competing demands will need to be assessed by Bucks County Council's Parking Manager, Alistair Turk. We will issue another formal statement in the next day or two."

In case you're interested, Mr Turk's contact details can be found here.

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