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Prostate Cancer Tests

by Haddenham Webteam – 23rd March 2018
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There has been a lot of press and television coverage of the news that deaths from prostate cancer now exceed those from breast cancer.

Prostate cancer can be treated successfully if discovered in its early stages. Unfortunately there are few if any symptoms so the PSA Test is currently the best method of possible detection.

This is a simple blood test and the results will be with you be about a week later. If you have previously had a PSA Test you are invited to return as it is important to plot the rate of change.

These tests are provided free of charge by the Aylesbury Vale Prostate Cancer Support Group in association with the Freemasons of Aylesbury. Each man will receive a written result of their test.

Once again the tests will be held in the Aylesbury Masonic Hall, Ripon Street from 10.30am to 1pm on Saturday, 7th April. An appointment is necessary. Please contact Brian Cole – jbcoleuk@aol.com (Tel: 291876) or book online by clicking on 'PSA Testing Days' on this website

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