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River Thame Conservation Trust

by Haddenham Webteam – 23rd August 2023
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rivers week 2023 poster

SMS Environmental has joined forces with River Thame Conservation Trust as part of the Rivers Week project running from 18th-24th September 2023.

The project culminates on World Rivers Day, 24th September, and exists to raise awareness and inspire action for the rivers and streams in the Thame catchment.

SMS Environmental is dedicated to helping maintain water quality for a safe and compliant environment. It is in the UK's top 5% of companies within the water treatment sector with over 200 multi-disciplined employees including chartered engineers, microbiologists, chemists, NEBOSH & IOSH consultants.

Apart from helping to fund the Thame Catchment Partnership Water Conference, SMS Environmental will be encouraging its staff to volunteer on the various projects the RTCT have on-going across the waterways such as: monitoring and clearing the river banks.

According to Nick Hearn, Director at SMS Environmental, "This is a brilliant initiative set up by the River Thame Conservation Trust, and we are delighted to be involved. For us, water hygiene is our bread and butter. Reading that 'not a single river in England has received a clean bill of health for chemical contamination' is a huge worry... That is why we are taking part, to improve water quality in our freshwater ways, ensuring the health and safety of those in the environment."

The River Thame Conservation Trust works with local people in rural and urban parts of the Thame catchment – volunteers, farmers and landowners – to improve biodiversity of the River Thame and its surrounding freshwaters and to improve public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the river catchment and its wildlife.

"We are thrilled to announce the generous sponsorship of Rivers Week 2023 by SMS Environmental, a locally based organisation specialising in water treatment, quality and monitoring. SMS Environmental's dedication to water quality at the point of turning the tap perfectly aligns with River Thame Conservation Trust's vision for a river catchment with healthy fresh waters and wildlife, valued and enjoyed by local people.

After the success of our inaugural Rivers Week in 2022, we are excited for this year's celebration and the many events that will be held around the catchment. Our aim is to ignite passion for the rivers in the Thame catchment by fostering connections with nature and empowering local communities to take action."
Chels Hothem, Project Officer, River Thame Conservation Trust

Community groups are encouraged to get involved and organise an event in their local area to celebrate rivers.

Some ideas for events include:

  • Hosting a nature walk
  • Hosting a landscape art exhibition
  • Wildlife identification workshop
  • Bioblitz (A BioBlitz is a race against time to create a snapshot of the variety of life found in a specific location e.g. plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms)
  • Litter picking
  • Bird-watching (spotting Kingfishers and other wildlife that live in/near rivers)

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