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Santa's sleigh is on its way

by Haddenham Webteam – 13th December 2021
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Aylesbury Lions would like to apologise for not completing their Haddenham route last Thursday. This was a result of a malfunction of Santa's sleigh and a heavy rain fall

However they will rectify the situation this Tuesday , 14th December.

The schedule is listed below (times may prove approximate, but they promise to be there)

17:45 Leaving Bradwell Farm for the Grove Estate

18:00 Cricketer's way for Maslin Elms, Lapwing Mews and adjacent roads off Alderson Way and Willoughby Lane. (As the sleigh is difficult to turn in confined spaces Santa may be at the end of the roads)

18:25 Printers Piece

18: 35 Butte Furlong, Run Furrow, Cottland Clay (Santa will be at the entrance to these roads)

18:50 Franklin Road

19:00 Entrance to Stokes Croft.

19:15 Franklin Road

19:25 Entrance to Stokes Croft/Stokes Lane

19:35 Rudd's Lane to Platers Road Estate

19:50 Leave Platers Road Estate continue down Dollicott to junction with Thame Road

20:10 Anxey Way Estate. Santa will park at the entrance to the estate.

This completes the third and final route around Haddenham for 2021.

Just to clarify:

Firstly Aylesbury Lions have included the roads that they missed last Thursday which is the Grove Estate and Printers Piece, which they will cover on Tuesday.

They hope to be at the entrance to the Grove estate at around 6.00pm and will then do a tour of the roads they "missed" last week. This will include Maslin Elms, Lapwing Mews plus roads off Willoughby Lane and Alderson Way.

Due to the length of Santa's Slay they may not be able to go down some of the roads which are fairly narrow. Santa however will be at the end of these roads.

The sleigh will then continue to Printers Piece, as this area was not covered last week due to technical problems and the heavy rain.

The sleigh will then commence the original route planned for Tuesday 14th December:

From Printers piece Santa travels to Butte Furlong, Run Furrow and, Cottland Clay (off the Stanbridge Road)

Santa will be able to meet the children at the entrance to these roads.

The next stop will be Franklin Road before turning into Churchway then Stokes Croft.

Santa will then move onto to Rudds Lane and continue down this road before turning right into the Platers Road estate where he will do a circular tour.

From the estate Santa will continue down Dollicott to the Thame Road.

His final stop will be the entrance to the Anxey Way estate.

Hopefully this clarifies the route a little better. It is difficult to give precise times – however, Santa will be there.

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