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Sheerstock Parking Frustrations

by Haddenham Webteam – 6th November 2013
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The challenge of finding a solution to the railway commuter parking in Sheerstock rumbles on, and residents are becoming increasingly frustrated by what they perceive to be an apparent lack of movement from representative bodies.

The editor of this website recently received the following note from a disgruntled Sheerstock resident:

"I and a number of fellow residents of Sheerstock have asked Haddenham Parish Council for a follow-up meeting to discuss the parking issues and to hear what progress has been made in the past 10 months since the last public meeting. Despite chasing this up, there hasn't been any response whatsoever.

The whole thing is a farce and it is about time that something was done. The problem is getting worse not better, and this situation could well escalate as Haddenham & Thame Parkway is enlarged, yet the needs of residents are clearly regarded as unimportant.

Do the Parish Councilors imagine that, if they do nothing, the problem will go away? Or perhaps they simply hope we will become so disillusioned with the inactivity or incompetence of our Parish Council, that we will eventually give up.

It's a disgrace."

Meanwhile, another Sheerstock resident has responded to the removal of traffic cones by Bucks County Council (Transport for Buckinghamshire) – you can see their justification in a letter from Matt Whincup, Local Area Technician, published here

Here's the reply:

"Dear Mr Whincup,

I too, as a resident of Sheerstock, found those cones to be unsightly, however the fact that many accidents have been prevented due to their presence has made them tolerable for me.

The persistent parking on corners (which is illegal and happens daily) obscures the view making it extremely dangerous for our children to cycle safely as well as for drivers to pull out of the junctions.

The signs previously put up by the fire service have been ignored, polite notices put on windscreens have been ignored, our pleas for regular visits from local PCSO's in order for them to ticket dangerous parking have been ignored and most frustratingly of all, our pleas (year after year) to Bucks County Council to provide a solution for this ongoing and dangerous problem have been IGNORED!

Your actions as a result of that ONE complaint has once again turned our residential street into an incredibly dangerous place for ourselves and our children.

Your sincerely,

An Angry and Frustrated Sheerstock Resident"

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