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A Slimmer Me Please!

by Haddenham Webteam – 11th January 2014
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Have you had a bit too much festive cheer this Christmas? Don't worry, help is at hand! A brand new Slimming World group is to open this month in Haddenham, run by village resident, Francesca Flaxton.

Fran lost almost 2 stone with the Thame Slimming World group in 2008 and 5 years on, she has managed to keep the weight off. She still attends group regularly and was recently awarded "Diamond" target membership.

Fran says, "For decades, I had a hang-up about my size ever since I was bullied at school as a teenager. I was never actually significantly overweight, but as I am only 5'2", it didn't take much for me to feel frumpy and unattractive. In my professional life, I have always been outwardly confident, but my self-image was often very poor."

"Before I lost weight, I was working really hard to set up a cycle training business from home. I worked very long hours and had got into the bad habit of working until late at night while eating whatever sweet things were in the house, just as a comfort! The weight crept up."

"My cycling job meant that I needed to lose weight and to get fit, so I decided to do something about it. It took a lot of courage to walk into my first Slimming World meeting. I was worried that people would laugh at me because I didn't want a massive weight loss. I could not have been more wrong. There were members there of all ages, shapes and sizes. I was welcomed in and never judged or criticised. I loved the fact that it is not a diet, but a healthy eating plan for life, known as Food Optimising. I was amazed that my whole family and I could enjoy large helpings of a massive range of healthy and nutritious foods. I'm a vegetarian, so I fill up on 'free' foods such as pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables and can still enjoy all my favourites, such as cheese, chocolate and cakes! Nothing is off limits with Slimming World. I reached my target within 6 months. My self-image has massively improved since losing weight and healthy eating has become a way of life".

The highlight of the past five years was when my daughter (then 14 years old) and I took part in the London to Brighton cycle ride in June 2011 in aid of the British Heart Foundation. I would never have contemplated doing such a major physical challenge before. We trained properly towards it and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although it was really hard work. It felt fantastic to cycle along Brighton seafront, being cheered on by thousands of people as we crossed the finish line together!"

Fran's new slimming group opens in St Mary's CE School, Haddenham on Thursday 16th January at 7.30pm and will continue to meet each week throughout the year.

Fran places great value on the group experience adding: "I received weekly support and encouragement from my own consultant. I have always been a very actively involved in the Haddenham community and I really believe that I can share the secrets of my success with local people and help them to lose weight and feel amazing. I would encourage anyone, no matter what age, gender, shape or size to come along to St Mary's School on 16th Jan and give it a try".

For further information about the new Haddenham group contact Fran on 07554 141810.

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