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Slower Speeds in the Village?

by David Lyons – 11th October 2013
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Haddenham Parish Council has recently approved the installation of a mobile traffic speed camera, and an investigation is currently underway to identify the most suitable locations in the village. The idea is to move the camera around from time to time, so that various traffic routes are monitored and the speed of motor vehicles is displayed to potentially different groups of motorists over the course of a year.

At the last meeting of the Parish Council, held on Monday 7th October, the possibility of installing 'cosmetic gates' at the main approaches to Haddenham was also mooted, to help remind motorists of the need to slow down as they are entering the village. Of particular concern is the safety of children in Woodways, and the speed of traffic arriving from the Aylesbury direction on Lower Road. Other roads causing potential concern include Thame Road and Standbridge Road.

A group of concerned residents has been promoting the idea of a 20mph limit in the village – particularly those routes in which children and elderly residents are vulnerable.

There is now a large body of evidence to show that pedestrians are much more likely to survive being hit by motor vehicle travelling at 20mph compared with one moving at 30mph. In the distance in which a vehicle travelling at 20mph can be brought to an emergency stop, the same vehicle travelling at 30mph will still be doing 23mph.

Children and families are big winners from slower motor vehicle speeds. 20mph limits help parents and children to get around locally. Less danger or parent 'taxi-duty' and more walking and cycling means happier, healthier families with extra money to spend.

Irrespective of other so-called 'traffic calming measures' (which often produce very little significant change in driver behaviour) , a 20mph limited would benefit all road users in the village for many years to come – and with virtually no operating costs. Police will be enforcing 20mph speed restrictions as they would any other speed limit.

To download a fact sheet, please click on the PDF below the image.

Further information is available here

I would urge you to support the campaign for a 20mph limit in Haddenham – make sure you have signed the petition at 20s plenty for Haddenham and ask your friends and neighbours to do likewise.

A sub-group of the Parish Council is currently developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Haddenham – see here. Please consider writing to Andrew Fell, the Councillor responsible for leading this project, and ask for a 20mph limit to be part of the plan. His email address is: andrew.fell831@btinternet.com

Councillor David Lyons

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